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    Default CSA: April & June! Yeow!

    Happy New Year to one & all. Well, we've had our April 16th trip booked for what seems like FOREVER, better said, is taking forever to get here. Last weekend, we started day dreaming & teasing each other, talking about a summer trip(June 10 is my b-day!)to CSA too.... My dear sweet wonderful husband thought this was in actuality very doable. Since I'm always up for a trip to CSA anytime, I said, if we're going to go in June then, let's really go crazy & book a beachfront suite. Razzl is pleased to report, 'tis a done dea. Yepper-doodle. Kinda makes the cold and snow a little bit tolerable...

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    Razz....Great news. What a great guy and WONDERFUL birthday gift. Wish we could get back sooner. I'm jealous. Hope you have a great time both times.

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    Thanks Cleversole (love your 'Handle' btw). He is a wonderful person & I'm very fortunate. I'm still pinching myself about all this. We've actually living through a very difficult period in our lives. My Mom was diagnosed w/lung cancer just after T-Day & after her 2nd round of chemo went into severe shock & passed away, 3 weeks after diagnosis. Mom was also my sister's care giver (sister has spina bifida) so we are now trying to take care of things on that front. Lots of heart breaking stuff going on. These 2 trips home will be heaven sent... When will you & yours being going back home? Razzl

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