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    Default Catamaran Cruise - CSA

    Does the catamaran cruise at CSA stop at Rick's where you can get off? When we were at CSA last September the day we did our cruise the water was too choppy and we did not get to swim in the caves. We also did not stop at Rick's however I saw some guest pictures that it looked like people got off at Rick's. Does this normally happen? Or how would we get to Rick's from CSA?

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    No the cat cruise does not stop at Rick's.

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    Ours passed Ricks and went to the lighthouse on the Southwest tip of the island. Then we turned around and stopped at Ricks for a few minutes to watch some divers then went about a mile down where the caves were to get out. We stayed there about 30 min.

    How many different crews are there. We saw at least two different crews when we went. I heard one crew has Ralphie who plays music for you while ours had a guy who played CDs. The music was great but he kept skipping songs before they were finished.

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    The boat stops, sort of, so you can look and take photos but it only stays there for a few minutes. It doesn't anchor or anything and you can't get off.

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