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    Default Valentines Day 2011 - CSA

    I tried to post this question previously, however the post has never went up on the messageboard so thought I'd try again.

    I wondered if CSA is planning anything special for Valentines Day? This is my boyfriends birthday, so I wondered if there were any special events planned?

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    When we were there 3 years ago they had a wonderful reception in the evening on the south lawn. It was beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and ice sculptures and they had tables set up with canapes and an oyster bar. They had cancelled the bonfire on the beach from the previous evening and instead the guitarist went on the sunset catamarin cruise. There must have been other things, but the reception on the sough lawn is what I remember most - it was so beautiful! We'll be there for Valentines again this year. Its a Monday which should be the Repeaters Dinner - I'm not sure how they will handle that, but I'm sure whatever they do it will be great.

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    Thanks Dawn, it's my first time to CSA, in fact it's my first time to Couples and Jamaica. I originally posted this and asked Randymon if he could advise of plans for this year and I received an email from him, which I think was meant to go to someone at CSA, as it was asking if someone could answer my query and he then retracted this email he sent to me.

    So, Randymon, just wondered if have you managed to find out what the plans are for Valentines Day at CSA? I can't wait to hear, so I can make some nice plans for my boyfriend's birthday and our last night at CSA.

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    We were there last year for Valentine's Day and it was wonderful. The reception on the South lawn was just beautiful with lights, ice sculptures, etc. The entertainment staff spend hours preparing for it. After the reception my husband and I had dinner at Lemongrass. It was a perfect evening! We liked it so much we will be there again this year from 2/5-2/15. My only disappopintment is that the Patriots will not be playing in the Superbowl. This will not prevent us from attending the awesome superbowl party on the beach. I will however be wearing my Patriots shirt and hopefully cheering for the Packers!


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    Default Valentines Day 2011 - CSA

    Taking our first trip to CSA and looking forward to having a special evening also on my birthday, Valentines Day.

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    I'm also wondering how they will handle valentine's and repeater's being on same day.Whatever happens I know it will be outstanding as usual.

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    Just moving this up again and wondering if Randymon has managed to find anything out about plans at CSA for Valentines Day, and maybe to answer the question of how they will deal with the repeaters for all you repeaters out there (first time for me so doesn't apply to me). Thanks

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    We will be at CSS for Valentines day, will they also do a special dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brennie View Post
    I'm also wondering how they will handle valentine's and repeater's being on same day.Whatever happens I know it will be outstanding as usual.
    I am still waiting to hear from Randymon too regarding Valentine's Day and the Repeater's Dinner. We arrive at CSA on 2/12/ excited!!!

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