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    Default CN - ? about building 6

    We have been to CN 4 times and always book a deluxe beachfront room. Our first trip we were in Building 5 and the last 3 we were in building 9 (love the location of building 9). Just a little curious about building 6. It seems as though you would hear a lot of noise from the restaurant in the morning. Would like to hear from people who have stayed in that building as to what their experience was as far as noise goes. I know there aren't any bad rooms at CN - just curious.....Thanks! July 2011 can't come soon enough!!!

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    When we've been on the beach end of block 6 we didn't have much of an issue with noise from Cassava.
    On the other end of block 6 we haven't had issues with noise from the restaurant in the morning, but on occasion in the evening the noise from the entertainment (on the Cassava stage) was a bit loud for us.
    However we're usually very early risers and often turn in earlier than others so if your sleep pattern varies you may notice noise differently.

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    depends on which end of bldg 6, it can get noisy in the mornings and at night because of the band.

    we asked to be moved once and they moved us to bldg 9 and now that is our favorite bldg.

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    We have stayed in Bldg 6 at CN twice and have never been bothered by noise. We love that location. We are going again this July and are hoping we can get Bldg 6 again.

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    Building 6 is our favorite building. We've never been bothered by noise in the morning, but we're usually in the gym before 6 a.m. It is much noisier in the evening in Building 6 than in Buildings 5 and 9, at least until the band stops playing around 10 or so.
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    We stayed in #6201. The noise wasn't really a problem. We would really only hear the cart with plates on it roll by. Every now again we could hear people laughing. Not alot of noise though. I also brought along a small fan for noise. Having the patio door open and hearing the waves in the morning was the best sound of all.

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    Hi Cands, we stayed in building 6 our last trip to CN and it is now our favorite. We were on the first floor and LOVED the access to the beach from right out our door. Sure, you can hear the music at night but it was never disturbing. Probably once in the room with air conditioning on we couldn't hear it at all (I can't really remember, so that must be a good sign.)

    The building is great, close to the pool and restaurant. We love it!!!

    Have fun in July! We'll be there in June.

    Matt & Kristen

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    Hey Cands.... I am pretty sure you were at CN the last time we went in 2009. When you headed back in July? We were married there in 2008 on July 15th. I think I am going to surprise her and head back in July, sometime around the 15th, that is when the big day is.

    We were in building 6 once and had no issues with noise.
    No worries
    Mark & Heather

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    Bulldog - yes we did meet at CN!! We will be back July 9-17. Hope to see you guys there.

    Thanks to all of you for your responses to my question!!!!


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    We stayed in room 6203, loved it no problem with the noise. We are going back in April hope to get the same building. Enjoy!!!!

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    (It's our favorite and I don't want any competition...!)

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