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    Default Randymon Resort Credit?


    We are receiving a $500 credit for booking 10 rooms for our upcoming wedding...can you tell me if we can used that $500 to pay for our outside wedding vendor fee? Sorry if this has been answered before but I was confused by the last post.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I was told by Debbie yes. I hope so, that was what allowed me to afford and hire an outside photographer.

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    You can't use credits for outside vendors. Read the earlier post.

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    Softail 19, I think this is an instance in which you can as Debbie also told me yes. This is an actual fee that the resort collects for allowing an outside photographer on their property to take photographs instead of using their resort photographer; this is not a fee that is paid to an outside vendor. It is something that is charged to your room at the end. Therefore, based on what Debbie (the wedding planner for Couples) said, the answer is yes. Stacey Clarke is doing my wedding pics, and she also told me that a lot of her couples use the resort credit to pay the outside vendor fee, but she told me to double check hence the e-mail to Debbie. :O)

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    No, sorry, the resort credits may NOT be used to pay for the outside Photographer $500 vendor fee.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randy.........please be sure to share this information as we are all getting conflicting information from other Couples employees. :O(

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    4 resorts, should be 4 wedding planners. How hard is it to communicate this information to 4 people so that customers aren't confused. I don't get it.

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    Wow I wish everyone was on the same page with this issue. There are going to be a lot of upset people getting a bill they didn't count on when they check out. My son and future daughter in law have the $500 resort credit and the $500 Celebration credit for their upcoming wedding.. They were also told by Debbie that it could be used to pay the vendor fee for the outside photographer.

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