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    Default October 2011 CSS or CTI

    Hey all!!

    My husband and I are planning our first trip to a Couples resort in October. We've been to Jamaica before and had a great time, but we did not stay at a Couples I have some questions.

    I first found CTI and was ready to go...and it's still an option but there is something pulling me to CSS.

    We aren't an overly romantic couple...meaning we don't have to be holding hands or touching each other every minute of the day but we do enjoy some relax time alone. That being said, we also really love to hang out with fun people.

    I won't lie...I liked the idea of the au natural island at CTI, but I think I like the idea of an au natural beach right on shore if it's going to house activities. We may not even make it there, but I like having the option if I want it! (I used to be rather large and have lost a lot of weight, but I still feel yucky we'll see)

    Has anyone stayed at both? Can anyone give me some pros and cons of each? Maybe some opinions!?

    We are looking for a place to visit and visit again...the plan is to go every year so any input would be very much appreciated!


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    CTI x4, CSS x2, CN x1. We prefer CTI. We go every October and there are a lot of repeaters that meet up each time. I would say for us that CTI is more social in the evenings and has a better choice of restaurants and entertainment. Take a look at the meet up thead for this year, it's starting to grow already. Yu will enjoy whichever you pick, I'm sure of that. Bear in mind, if you sign up for the romance rewards before you go then you will be able to visit the other resort on the trading places day.

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    If you want to talk to people, I found at CTI, the guests were slightly more friendly on the textile side than at CSS. That being said, most people are very friendly at either place. I think its a function of CSS being spread out as opposed to CTI.

    With respect to SSB v. TI - both had very friendly people. We found the people at TI a little more social and fun at the bar than at SSB. But the pool is more impressive and its easier to go swimming at SSB. Don't sweat the body image - all shapes and sizes there.

    However, its a function of the crowd that day - sometimes few people are in a specific area, sometimes its a party.

    Best bet is to choose one this year, and do day pass to the other. It would be highly unlikely that you won't want to return to either one of them.

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    I have to honest. Any information or advise you receive on this message board is liable to be a little bias. That's because those of us that are repeaters, have our favorite resort. For us, it's CTI with 30 trips and CSS with 1 visit.
    I will say that CSS and Sunset Beach is really really nice. It's larger than the island at CTI. It has two bathrooms, a huge swim-up bar, and lunch is served every day. They have salads, jerk chicken and jerk port, french fries and more. CTI sends over some hot dogs, hamburgers and some patties. And the sandy beach is nice to walk, although it is not very long. Getting into the ocean can be a little tricky as the bottom has rocks. Taking some water shoes will solve that problem.
    The rest of the resort is very spread out and there is a lot of walking. The rest of CSS is very romantic. Lots of places to hide away. Beautiful grounds. Food and drink at any Couples property is second to none.
    As for CTI. With the new renovation just completed two years ago, the place is gorgeous. If I were looking in a magazine for a Caribbean resort, and saw CTI, that would be my pick.
    Even though you hadn't gone there prior to the do over, I know that you will be impressed going for the first time. As I said, food and drink will be wonderful.
    We love the Au Natural island. We like the size, which is tiny compared to CSS. We like the privacy, which is also at CSS. The island can probably hold about 40-50 couples. The swim-up bar is much smaller than Sunset Beach. But the intimacy of the place is terrific. And because we have been going there since 1995, we have come to know and have been friends with many of the staff. You will hear this a lot. "The staff were so kind, so helpful that they really made our stay perfect". That's just a given at Couples.
    Each of the four resorts is like four siblings from the same family. While all are called Couples, the four sisters are uniquely different and each have special qualities to offer.
    Bottom line. You can not go wrong with which ever one you decide on. And CTI and CSS are only about 15-20 minutes away from each other. You can stay at one and visit the other.
    What you need to do is look at all the pictures of both resorts and hopefully, as many others have said, one of them will call to you. I would not be concerned with age or body shape. They are not an issue. While you are at the resort, it's as though you are at grown-up camp. There is as much or as little to do as you would like.
    They are both magnificent. They both will make you feel as though you are the only two couples there. They both cater to every need or desire.
    Good luck with your decision. If you have other questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


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    Please don't think that this post means I don't want anymore opinions...I DO! I'll take everything I can get!!

    That being said...Thank you all!! You have given me so much to look at! My travel agent is going to want to choke me with all the changes I will probably make between now and October!

    I like the idea of the Trading Spaces, but I'm confused because it looks like we have to already have some nights under our belts to do this...maybe I need to look in to that more.

    You all are the best, I appreciate all of the help!!!

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    my husband and i renewed our vows at CTI. Tried the au natural island. would probably recommend another resort. service not great. if you want friendly people you need to go elsewhere. the best service was on the island. WE tried all activities. Ran out of things to do before we left. try another resort if you are going to ride 2 hours from the airport.

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    Thanks for your thread Sandi! My fiance and I are torn between CTI and CSA for our wedding and it will be our first trip as well.
    Ritchie stated it very well that wherever you end up...You will have a fantastic time!

    Danielle & Tim

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    All you have to do to visit the other resort is sign up for Romance Rewards, you don't have to be a repeat guest..."have some nights under our belts". Check out the FAQ page on the Couples website for an explanation, there is a question there about it. If that makes your decision easier that's a pretty simple thing to do.

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    my fiance and i are having the same problem! his aunt said that CTI was amazing when they went. we cant seem to narrow down which one we really want! its a hard decision!

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    Well, it looks like CSS has won me...not sure why...I wouldn't be sad going to CTI, but there is, as some have been saying, something pulling me there! I'm really really excited. Now just to narrow down dates...ohh more decisions!

    Thank you ALL for your input...I did not disregard anyone's opinions/suggestions, I just went with the one that was calling me and it is CSS...we'll probably visit CTI...maybe 2012!?!?!

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    How long are you going for? Do you have time to do a split? We just did a CTI/CSS split with a week at each (reviews in progress along with photo links). We loved both resorts for what they offer(not much help is it? lol). I can see why people love each one.
    The consistent things are the staff, service, food and cleanliness... amazing at both resorts.
    The biggest difference is the layourt and style of each resort. They are very different. CTI has that modern elegance. The views from the rooms are right there in your face and stunning. It's compact, but that can be convenient. The pools are modern and have great views. Yes, you do seem to bump into the people you've met (both staff and guests) more often. It was very social and we met a ton of fabulous people.
    That said, we did met great people at CSS as well. Some people dread the steps and the spread out layout at CSS, but it is undeniably gorgeous with all the lush plants everywhere. The views from the top are breath taking and sweeping. The beach is larger and the bay offers some protection from the wind, so the water was unquestionably calmer for water activities.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at CTI, but from the moment we stepped foot at CSS we felt truly home. Perhaps it was in part the better weather, or perhaps because it reminds us more of CSA where we were married in 2008, but it was just a bit more special for us. We absolutely loved the grounds and exploring all the nooks and crannies, and thought the beach so, so much better (and we are beach people). Overall it just felt more like Jamaica and Couples to us. But that's just us. As you an see, different people prefer different resorts.
    Either will be an amazing experience, so go with whichever one calls to you most.

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