Hey all!!

My husband and I are planning our first trip to a Couples resort in October. We've been to Jamaica before and had a great time, but we did not stay at a Couples resort...so I have some questions.

I first found CTI and was ready to go...and it's still an option but there is something pulling me to CSS.

We aren't an overly romantic couple...meaning we don't have to be holding hands or touching each other every minute of the day but we do enjoy some relax time alone. That being said, we also really love to hang out with fun people.

I won't lie...I liked the idea of the au natural island at CTI, but I think I like the idea of an au natural beach right on shore if it's going to house activities. We may not even make it there, but I like having the option if I want it! (I used to be rather large and have lost a lot of weight, but I still feel yucky sometimes...so we'll see)

Has anyone stayed at both? Can anyone give me some pros and cons of each? Maybe some opinions!?

We are looking for a place to visit and visit again...the plan is to go every year so any input would be very much appreciated!