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    Default Randymon - football !

    In the USA one of the biggest and oldest rivalries in football is the Chicago Bears and the Greenbay Packers ! The 2 are meeting up January 23 , and the winner goes to the Super Bowl ! It has been since 1941 since these 2 teams have met in this situation - so it is HUGE ! I have already e-mailed the resort, asking for a TV to be set up in a public place for the fans to cheer on their team. Can you use your influence to be sure one is set up ? Someone recommended the fitness center, but anyplace would be great ! ( just do not want to sit in my room or from a computer watching it ). Thanks in Advance !

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    There's already a large tv in the game room.
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    Pamela: Which hotel has a large TV in the game room?

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    Will you be at CSA? You'll be fine...enjoy!

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