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    My future wife and I will be going to CSA for the first time for our honeymoon June 22-29th. We're from TX but living in CO. Looking forward to meeting some people to hang out with and down some drinks. I booked our honeymoon last week and now all I can think about is going to Jamaica... I actually think I'm more excited to go on our honeymoon than I am about the wedding at this point... but SHHHH don't tell her that. Any advise for first timers? also I read a weird review where someone said that they made all the women go check in to the resort and the guys had to stay with the bags when you get off the bus from the airport... what's that about?

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    Hi Matt, they don't MAKE you do anything. In my experience, if you arrive with a lot of other people, as hard as they try, the checking process can take some time. I will go start the paperwork while hubby gets our bags. It seems to save some time.
    Check out the gorgeous sunsets, do the cat cruise, float in the ocean and relax, you made a great choice. Counting down until April 20 for trip #4 YEA!.

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    oh ok that makes sense. I was a little confused when I was reading that. I can't wait for this trip. I get more and more excited everyday. Thanks softail

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    Congratulations on your up coming wedding a honeymoon. You have picked a great place to start your life's together. We will miss you as our trip is 8-16.

    I read that review too, and itís not quite right. Some people will complain about anything and everything. What happens is when you get to resort the men will be ask to stay by the bus to pick out your bag, good time to tip driver $10-$20 a couple . Your new wife will go inside be offered a glass of Champaign and a cool towel and start the check process. She will need the return flight info; they ask for it at check in so they can plan your bus ride to the airport. After your bags have been sorted out you can join your new bride. Check in takes a few minutes because they are going over some details of the resort.

    Our must do is : spend one whole day on the beach doing nothing. Dont leave until the sun goes down.

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    Exactly how softail explained it. They do it so that check in won't take as long. Make sure you partake in the night life. There is always something going on. If you go down by the cabana grill, there will be a board with the nights entertainment on it. Try all the restaurants! Make sure you get reservations for Feathers and Lemon grass in advance. Don't try to do everything in 1 day. It's vacation..relax. Drink. Eat.

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    This place sounds amazing! I seriously can't wait! I saw water skiing on the website, do they offer wake boarding as well? I'm a lot better on one board than 2 skis...

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