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    Default CSA Dive experience

    My wife and I are 'once every 2 year' divers and are considering going to CSA in July.

    I wondered how the diving is there vs. St. Lucia, Cayman, or Sandals Antigua. (visibility, fish, temp. of water, experience, etc.)??? This is a big trip for us (20th anniversary)
    and all the reviews point to CSA!


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    Hi Scuba777,
    I've gone diving while at CSA 3 different vacations. I can tell you the vis is not as good as any of the places you mentioned but the experience is just as much fun. I did dive one time last Feb. It was again a nice dive even with broken toes (ill elaborate on that if you need me too later) Give me your email address and I'll forward it to Anthony Morris the Divemaster/instructor at CSA. I'm sure he can answer all of your questions about diving in June or July far better than anyone here on the MB. My email is

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    Jamaica is over fished and the lionfish are everywhere. Compared to other places the temp is a little warmer (shorty is fine) lots of color and viz is good. Dolphins, sharks and rays at least once in a week. Great dive team and it is included in price which is nice.

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    Default Swept Away Diving

    OK, You'll be pleasingly happy with your Dive experience.
    While, "Island Time" is part of the experience, most operations go well. I've made about 80 dives in and about the Negril dive sites. CSA operations know all the sites. The DMs are on top of the equipement. A lot of newbie training goes on in this PADI resort. The best parts are the underwater surprises like:
    Dolphins, Green Turtles, Big Rays, and Nurse Sharks. Don't look for big schools, as fish traps abound. I like the variety of the bottom, two plane wrecks, a tugboat, several caves, ledges and some good shallow dives. Saturday is a two tank dive. Try to gather a group for a 40 foot night dive ( bring skins).
    Advance certification is avalable too. Maybe a check out shallow dive is warranted, They have Sherwood equipement.
    The divers will range over the spectrum. Ask for a dive at " The Throne Room" & "deep plane" at 105ft. Enjoy and I'm there in two weeks with other dive friends.

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    To piggy back on this thread: We'll be at CSA in July and have zero scuba experience. From what I understand we'll spend half the day "practicing", but will our "newbie" dive be decent ??

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