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    Default Scuba Paperwork Question

    The hubby and I have never been scuba diving before, but we're looking forward to it at CSS next month. Since none of the conditions on the first page of the scuba paperwork apply to us, we don't need a doctor to sign off on it, do we? We're just good to go, right? Just want to have my ducks in a row. Thanks!

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    Yep, you should be good as long as non apply to you.
    If you are going to take the full diving course and are concerned, you can always have a Dr. check you over and sign the form.
    I did my scuba course in the D.R and figured better safe than sorry, so went and had the form filled out by my dr. just in case!
    I would hate to go somewhere for the sole purpose of diving, then not be able to because of one piece of paper!

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    You only need a doctor signature if you answer "yes" to any of those. If you said no to all of them you should be good. Have a great time.

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    You just fill out the paperwork wheen you get there and as long as you answer no to all questions you will be good to go. Enjoy.

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    Default add on to your husband and I would love to Scuba dive while there...I hadn't read that we need to have a doctors note saying we are able to do so. Do I need a note for the both of us? We've never been Scuba diving before. Thanks

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