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    Default How busy is CN in May?

    Hello, We are first timers to CN and was wondering how busy the resort really is. From all the pictures I've seen it doesn't look busy, but you never know. Some reviews I've read about other resorts you have to get up early to get a chair. Never seen anything like that for CN. Just wondering if that is the case here. Thanks!

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    I know you asked about May, and I will tell you I have not been there then. Our first trip to CN was over Valentines day in 2009. Every room was booked and there were a whole lot of weddings on the beach, during the week and especially on Valentines day.

    With that said, I never thought it looked busy or even felt like it was busy. No problems getting beach chairs although we do go out early, no lines for food and the staff was busy setting up and tearing down every evening for some event or the other. We were so happy, and very relaxed after the trip, that in 31 days we will be back for our third year in a row, even meeting up with people we met our first year there who have also gone back every year, yes we stay in touch.

    With that said, I don't really think you will have a crowd, and if you do, you will not notice it.

    Remember you are in the Caribbean, every thing moves at a less hectic pace, smile and enjoy.

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