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    hey all!
    my fiance and i are getting married and takin our honeymoon in october and we are torn between CTI and CSS! his aunt has been to CTI and said it was amazing! so we are looking for somemore input! if you have anything PLEASE feel free to write! anything will help!

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    First, you can't go wrong with either one, but it depends on what your looking for. We have been to both and both have wonderful food and amazing staff/service. CSS is extremely lush, beautiful and romantic with secret paths and walkways all over the property. It has an old world plantation feel, is spread out and you will do quite a bit of walking. The beach is bigger, and the AN area is the best with a private beach, large pool and grill. CTI has a more modern South Beach meets Jamaica vibe. It's still beautiful but more compact. It offers more excursions including horse back riding and the catamaran cruise which was alot of fun. The AN area is an actual island just of the beach about 3oo yards. It's small but always fun. When we were there, I'd say CTI had the more active nightlife, but the activities staff at both resorts do a fantastic job. Choose the one that speaks to you when you look at the photos and trust that you'll have an amazing trip regardless of which one you choose.

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    WOW- You pick a tuff one there! We are in our 30's and we have been to CTI 2 times before renovation, and got married at CSS in 2009, then back to CTI after renovation was complete last year! We are headed to CSA this year! Just so that you know we are not Island goers and have never been to the island!lol They are both very very good choices. There are tons and tons of good points about both. CTI is where my wife and I took our first vacation to Jamaica together so that is our first "choice". CSS was just spectacular, but has a little more walking up and down. The main part of the resort is tucked up on the bluff so you walk alot of stairs. That's about the only thing that we really could say is negative if that is even negative. Now you can, if you want since they are only about a mile apart, you can go visit the other while you stay. Just make sure whatever one you choose, to always get an ocean view room. You truly won't be disappointed with either one.

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    thank you for your input! i have been looking and comparing each resort almost every night and yet i still cant figure out which to go to! we have been looking at csa now also! too many decisions!

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    Here are some major points: CSS has full room service from 7 am -11p.m the down side of this is few restaurants. CTI has only room service for continental breakfast (which is awesome), but has more choices to eat dinner. CTI has the Catamaran Cruise and Horseback riding in the included excursions; CSS does not, but both have shopping trips to Ocho Rios and the Dunn's River climb as part of their included excursions. CSS is all suites, CTI has suites available. CSS has rooms some rooms on the cliffs over looking the ocean, CTI rooms are closer to the ocean--except garden view. As for the AN part, contrary to the another poster, we acutally prefer CTI's island to SSB as when we have gone to SSB we didn't get in the water as there were children across the river playing on the public beach. We also found CTI to be more social on the island (and I don't mean in a bad or lurid way) but that can always be attributed to the guests at the resort. Just keep browsing this website and check pictures on every site you can find. You will find that you keep looking at one more than the other and that will be the one that us repeaters like to say is "calling to you". Enjoy!

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