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    Default house wine at csa

    how is it? i am a bit of a snob and i hate the wine at other places. hoping not bad here. any comments?

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    We adore CSA, and we will be there for the fifth time on Sunday. The house red and whites are Chilean. They are drinkable. However, we do not go to CSA for the wine. Red Strip and Rum!!!

    The merlot they have served at Feathers and the Repeaters dinner has been quite good in years past. You can also buy off the wine list. Hubby and I plan on picking up two nice bottles at duty free in Charlotte. Usually by the end of our trip we are looking for a better glass of wine.

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    I don't like wine at all but my husband does. He says it's ok but the wine at Feathers is much better so if you like wine you might want to make a reservation for dinner there at least once.

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    Laura...don't know about Ont. but, in FL we have lots of Chliean wines to choose from in the markets and find them to be very good..If you like Frontera or Concha Y Toro...they have them at CN...if you choose to "buy up" then Kendall Jackson is available
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