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    Default Age limit at CSA??

    Me and my fiance are anxiously waiting to get married in August of 2011 and I am planning ahead and thinking about the honeymoon. After doing research I feel like CSA would be perfect for us! However, I am going to be 20 at the time. I didn't know if there was a drinking age limit?! I sure hope not!!!!

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    The first time I was there, I think I heard that the drinking age in jamaica is 16. Not sure if that is true, but Couples allows adults 18 and over to stay and they don't card at the bars, so I think as long as you are over 18, you are OK to drink.

    Have fun.

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    The legal drinking age is 18 in Jamaica.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    The age limit for all Couples resorts is 18; you are legal at 20 to drink alcohol.

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