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    I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself and comment on how great I think the Couples site is. My wife and I are return Sandals guests, we were married at the Sandals Grande Antigua, but we are always searching for a resort that is a better fit for us (more laid back), so we decided to book CSA for our anniversary in Dec.

    As mentioned, the site is great, I really appreciate the Maps & Panoramic Views tab, great full screen views of the resorts, very well done. I'm also very impressed by the amount of return guests Couples generates, very positive sign. We wish our Sandals points transferred to Couples

    Anywho, we are excited to be part of the community and have our fingers crossed that we have found a resort we can return to for years and years. Thanks in advance for all the great info that has been provided on the message board.

    Cheers and carry on.


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    welcome to your new "home" Swept Away. you will love it.

    it's all about the kids

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    Welcome to the family! Glad to see you came to our side of the fence. You will LOVE Couples!

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    Thank you both.

    On paper, Mr. & Mrs. Mohetoe and CSA look like a match made in low maintenance heaven.

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    Mr. & Mrs. Mohetoe, welcome to the Couples family. We'll also be at CSA with two other couples in December of this year. December 3rd though the 9th to be exact. We'll be camped out between the beach bar and the Seagrapes Cafe most afternoons. We're couples in our late 50s and if either of you play golf, us guys will be looking for a fourth to play Negril Hills. Hope to see you in Paradise, aka CSA.

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    Mohetoe, you will not be sorry you chose CSA. As a recovering addict of the "S" chain (for a whole host of reasons) we returned to our roots with Couples at CSA last Feb. This Feb. we will be staying at CSS for 11 nights starting Feb. 1.

    I think you will enjoy our review from last Feb. where I cited some "differences" with the "S" chain. LOL!

    You're going to love CSA!

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    If it looks like a duck and walks like a's a match. If CSA calls to you, I'm sure you will love it. There are tons who LOVE CSA. We love CN but have never been to CSA. I keep thinking one day maybe we'll try it, but we love CN so much, why mess with perfection! And if you are low maintenance, I am really sure you will love.

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    Thank you all for the positive interaction.

    Steveg52 - It's a shame we will miss you as we won't arrive until 12/13. Surely, they will have time to restock the bars after your departure

    Patricia - Outstanding, thorough review. Thank you for sharing as I will be referencing that for the next 10.5 months.

    Cleversole - CSA was heads, CN was tails, it turned up heads.

    Last weekend I turned our thermostat up to 80 degrees, dialed up some Jamaican Ska, and popped a Red Stripe. Sadly, it just didn't have the same effect here in Missouri.

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