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    Has anyone run this before? I'm going to run it this year but would love to chat with someone about the race logistics. If you have, can you respond and maybe we can email...

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    I ran the Reggae Marathon in Dec of 2009. Lots of fun, tough as far as the humidity went. I was cruising until that sun came up. I trained in the snow at home, so it was an adjustment. Feel free to email with any questions -

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    I ran in 2008 and 2009 great race , well organized, starts early, very dark, kind of cool running the streets of Jamaica at 5AM
    Lots of local school kids doing the 10k
    , it thins out for the Half and really lonely for the full, I ran the halfs both years
    I am slow runner, 2 hr 20 min half , but I was done by 7:30 and on the beach by 8:30
    if you are a 5 to 6 hrs marathoner , you are going to cook out there, no shade for the half or full marathon
    there is greatb support, music every mile, lots of water stops and security at the begining
    I am hoping to do the 2011 run e-mail me at
    Run strong run fast

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    A vid of you an idea of how cool it is...
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    Paul and I ran in the event last December (2010) and it was a lot of fun. As the race starts early in the morning (5:15am), we didn't think the heat and humidity were bad at all. There are water and gatorade stops every mile which is great.

    CSA is the headquarters and the packet pick-up and the pasta party take place at the sports facility there (across the road from the main resort). The actual race starts (and finishes) just a few hundred yards down the road. CSA even provided a very early breakfast for those in the race. I thought the event was well organized; there certainly aren't as many participants as there are in many races in the US, but enough of all abilities to make everyone feel welcome.

    After the race in the finish area, there were a couple of guys cutting the tops off fresh coconuts and handing them out to participants. It was one of the best things I've ever had after a race. By 8:00am, Paul and I were walking back along the beach to CSA. We stopped at The Palms restaurant where we enjoyed a bottle of champagne (along with well earned bacon and eggs) for breakfast before going to get a massage.

    This was definitely the most fun event I've ever been in and I wish I was doing it again in 2011!

    Karen & Paul

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    This sounds like sooo much fun! I would absolutely love to run in 2014. I just got back into running a couple months ago and thought about doing a marathon sometime next year. This would be PERFECT!! Is there a great informational website that I could go to? Also, we will be there next week. Do they do frequent road races like they do here in the states? I would love to run in one! thanks for any info.

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    The Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K - This year's is on Dec. 7th.
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    We haven't run it but a warning to those trying to leave the resort for the airport the day of the run. They close the road to traffic very early, I recall 4am. So we had to leave the resort at 3am for our 11am flight. No one mentioned this until the day before departure, otherwise we would have just extended or stayed in MoBay for a day. Possibly they make better arrangements now, but this was just 2 years ago. Check early if you're in this situation.

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