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    Default Secret Rendezvous in March?

    Well...we booked it! Secret Rendezvous, March 15-22. I can't wait to find out which property we'll be on--though they are all beautiful!

    Is anyone else in the same boat?


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    Have not booked yet, but thinking of trying the secret rendezvous. Going to check out the price.

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    Wow, we are missing you by a day! We have our SR from March 23-30. Enjoy!

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    nvang13, you were kind enough to show me your pictures of your last trip! Sorry we will not be there at the same time, it would have been fun to "know" someone there! Keep me posted about where you go!

    Karin, I found a slightly better deal from a popular travel site, but the price was pretty close to what you can get from Couples directly. I hope you decide to go for it!


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    Hello Godiva. Which site are you refering to that has a good price. I can't seem to get a direct flight through the Couples site and it costs more. Have tried Fun J. which we've used before and also Delta, but the prices are all higher than we want to pay this year. My son is getting married in May and so we really have to watch prices and they are about $800-900 more than last year. I can't justify that at all. I really do miss CN. That is my favorite so far. Have not tried CSA yet.

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    Hi Karin, I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention the name of the travel site I used, but it was one of the major ones. My favorite shares a name with a watersport activity, a kind of boat one person paddles. I did airfare first, then added the resort. Hope that helps. Godiva

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    Edit: it turns out the mods thought my previous post was ok, it's just that the boards weren't updated yesterday! I'm leaving this second post for continuity, but wanted to explain why they don't seem to logically follow each other. --Godiva


    Karin, I replied to you but I think I didn't pass the moderator's cut. (Sorry, moderators! I was trying to follow the rules.)

    I also can't seem to figure out how to send you a private message, so... email me at my username at web 9 dot com.

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    We just booked a SR for March 13-20th- This will be our first time in Jamaica-we can't wait

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    Default We're going too

    We just booked our SR for March 8 - 14 and I'm SO excited!!

    I asked this in my other post, but I thought I'd put it here specifically too....

    Does anyone have thoughts, musings (or the inside scoop) on how SR works in high season when the resort sells out? i.e. do they set aside a number of the basic rooms for SR and then sell the remaining rooms... OR would they sell any and all rooms until the number of rooms available = number of SR ...?

    I'm curious because I noticed CN is already sold out when we're going, and most of the other resorts only have ocean view or bedroom suites available... so I'm crossing my fingers we'll get an upgrade (but I'm not holding my breath either lol)

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    Question Unsure of Secret Rendezvous?

    Espresso34, I have the same questions that you have regarding SR option. My husband and I are planning our first trip to Couples and are having a hard time deciding on which place to go. They do all sound great but really like the cost savings of the SR for a limited budget. My sister-n-law and her husband went to CSA and are highly recommending that we go there but they are not paying for it. We are going March 17-21, 2011. It is encouraging to hear other people using the SR option. We have not booked yet. Trying to decide if it will fit in the budget. The SR option will. Should we just do it?

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    smilingshelley, I think it booking SR depends on a few factors. First of course is personality... I think you need to be flexible (or at least put your "planning side" on hold ). But for us another factor made it easy to choose SR.... Since, we have never been to Couples and they all get such rave reviews, we don't really care which one we get! Plus, we're starting the vacation with 4 nights in Negril, so we won't miss out on Negril. And then add to it that we don't need the long sandy beaches of CN or CSA. The most important things for us were a) adults/couples only b) friendly service c) luxury/romantic atmosphere d) good food e) diving / snorkeling f) the "Caribbean vibe" rather than an uber shi-shi / marble resort. SO to us, all of the couples fit the requirements, and we were happy to give up the pre-planning in exchange for 1/2 price. Plus, it's kind of fun now for us to guess which resort we'll get! Though at this point, my money's on CTI, since it's the only one with any availability left!

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    I am getting really excited!

    It looks like all of the resorts are now sold out for our SR week, March 15-22. The last one with availability was CTI. I am guessing that's where we'll end up, but who knows?

    I can't wait to get the email that tells us which resort, though in truth, I know they are all great. It will be fun to plan some of the specifics, though--which excursions we'd like to try, which restaurants, what theme nights are happening, etc.

    I bought some school supplies for the kids, it seems like at least two of the resorts have a school they sponsor.

    Hurry up please, March!!! The snow is blowing outside my window, but my new bathing suit has arrived! :-D

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    Default March S R

    My husband and I booked the SR for March 23 thru March 31, we're beyond excited! We got married last April at Swept Away and loved every minute of it I'm so excited to find out which resort we get!

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    Well we booked yesterday.....March 26-April 2......patiently waiting to see what resort we get as well. Pretty excited!!

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    We just got our notice, we're at CTI!!

    (We figured that's where we'd wind up, considering CTI had availability weeks after the other three were full)

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    We're booked March 29-April 5. I'm betting on CTI (literally, we have a friendly wager - we each picked two resorts), because they have something like 5 or 6 room categories still available, while CSS has only two higher-end room categories left, and CN and CSA only have one each. 12 days until we KNOW, and 19 days until we GO!

    While I'm something of an overplanner (mostly like to obsess over learning about the restaurants, reading up on tips from repeaters, etc.), I'm surprised to find the SR is actually kind of fun. I can't even decide which resort I'd want if I COULD chose, so rolling the dice for a lower price = big win for us. Can't wait! This will be our first time to Jamaica or Couples, thought we vacationed at an adults-only all-inclusive in Mexico last November and LOVED every moment of it.

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    Talking Confirmed CTI 3/23 - 3/30

    We booked the SR on Feb 14th (Happy Valentines Day to us!) and got our confirmation for CTI within that week. We booked directly through Couples site. We have 10 days before we go and we cannot wait. At first I was bummed that we weren't going to Negril, but this location looks so beautiful and exotic it has already won me over. This is our 3rd time to Jamaica, first time to Ocho Rios.

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    We got confirmation last week, but I forgot to update here. We're headed to CTI on Tuesday, 3/15 (to 3/22). Yahooooo!


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    Default SR March 24-30

    My first time to Jamaica and I went with the SR too!!!
    Funny, I didn't want to miss out on Negril either, so I also booked a few nights at a small hotel in Negril before the secret resort. But, now I am really worried about transportation, since the chances are slim that we are staying at CSA/CN. And since I leave in 3 days and haven't heard where I am going yet, I am a getting stressed. I am sure that any of the resorts will be lovely, but I have my heart set on a beautiful beach. My first vacation in years, and my first paid vacation ever!!!!

    I emailed Couples tonight, and hopefully I hear back from them in the morning

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    Default CTI Rendezvous it is!

    Well, at the advice of others I used my Secret Rendezvous confirmation code (given to me by Ex$%^!@ six days prior to check in) on the website on each resort search and have located my reservation at CTI for 3/24-3/29. I wanted CSA, but obviously was okay with going elsewhere! Glad I booked a hotel in Negril for the 1st 3 days since I really wanted to see the Beach/Sunsets!

    Still had some questions though about getting to CTI from Negril (for low cost - but time efficient). I had asked Couples' customer service via email, but have yet to hear back...but its only been 1 day. I figure that if I can make it back to the airport from Negril I can catch the couples shuttle, but don't know if I can access the lounge in the airport since I hear it is past security????

    Thought about renting a car for 3 days while in Negril, and then could make my own excursions from the a la carte hotel, and would work out to be cheaper than transportation and taxi to excursions. I am not a timid driver, as I grew up in San Francisco and have rented a car in Mexico each time I've gone there.

    But I need to figure this out QUICK...I leave in 3 days!

    I guess I will post this several other places to see if I get some suggestions back faster.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has ideas,

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    As I predicted, we've confirmed that we'll be at CTI 3/29-4/5. Per our wager, Q (the boyfriend) has to fetch my drinks while we're on the island. Can't wait!

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    To those of you who have already found out where you are going more than 7 days out, did you get an email from them telling you , or did you reach email/call them and got the info earlier than expected. We booded a SR from 3/24-3/30 and I am dying to find out where we are going.
    I did not book directly with Couples, so I'm not sure if I would get a email directly from them or not.

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    we are heade down on March 17th


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    Sandyb, we did a SR last march and had to call the Couples reservation line directly to find out which resort. I finally did that 5 days before departure, I think. We booked through online travel site and they didn't send us any special confirmation codes or info.

    This year we are going again, march 17-24 but we booked through via another online travel site (a better deal). I'll let you know what we find out.


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    Aprilequinox, if I am not mistaken Couples usually only provides transportation on day of arrivial, or, from one of their resorts to another. If that is the case you will have to arrange your own transportation to CTI. I am responding by memory from another post that was on the boards a year or so ago, and my memory can be hazy at time.

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