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    Default CSA - Garden Verandah Suite


    I am just wondering if anyone could tell me a little more about the garden verandah suite - our travel agent made a mistake and booked us in here instead of the great house verandah suite as we requested.

    My wife is reading the reviews about the street noise and a shower only in the bathroom - so she is a little concerned - can someone confirm this - is that an option we need to request?

    Also if someone could let me know which building, floor they were in - I will get our travel agent to put this request in.

    I realize there are the garden suite and garden verandah suites - I believe the GVS are newer and have a TV and mini bar.

    Thanks for your help - any other info is appreciated.


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    Hey Paul,

    My fiance and I were put in a Garden Verandah suite when we booked the Secret Rendezvous. We couldnt be more happy - the best vacation we ever had!

    The GVS are closer to the highway, but we had NO problems sleeping whatsoever. The rooms are large with a TV, stocked fridge, and large balcony. We loved having a third floor room that overlooked the pond below, because we liked to sleep with the doors open, a/c off and fans on! It was the best sleep we both ever had.

    We would be happy without the tv or mini bar - mainly because the bartenders make way better drinks then we ever could, and we didnt watch the tv once. Its my understanding that the garden suites are closer to the older (original section) and do not have the tv/mini bar...and are located in lusher gardens.

    The room we had was a shower/tub...and i found the tub slippery (so we got extra tub mats). The only thing we noticed with the room was smoke in the morning from the nearby farms having fires...and the smoke lingered in the WHOLE area/ in the morning we found it smokey...but not noisy with the highway (and we were located the closest to the road). I think the vegetation really helps reduce the local traffic.

    We re-booked the Garden Verandah Suite for our upcoming wedding and cant wait to come back!

    Hope that helps!

    Karen J

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    I hope someone chimes in on this post with some insight because I would like to know as well. We will be in a GVS April 28th-May3rd. First trip to Jamaica and so excited!!

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    We've sayed in the Garden Verandah Suite before and were pleasantly surprised! We had a shower/bath so really not sure about the shower only...weird. Having been to CSA three times, I wouldn't recommend the great house unless you want a hotel feel. The other buildings are more resort-relaxed and that is what makes CSA different and better than so many of thosed "canned" resorts.

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    They renovated the garden suites so they are all GVS now. They added glass to the windows so raod noise shouldn't be much of an issue now. They also have tv's and mini bars. I tend to prefer the second floor because it is more private and you can see more but some prefer the first.

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    We have stayed in the GVS on numerous occasions - depending on where you are on the resort you may have a great ocean view! The rooms are really not that noisy - you'll probably have your AC on during the evening, and that will block out any street noise. We actually found the Great House to be noisier, as you are right on top of most of the activity, and honestly, the swim up bar can get pretty loud at times. Unless you absolutely MUST have a Great House room, I'd relax and enjoy my GVS. And oh yes - the bathrooms do have a tub/shower combo, and are quite nice.

    And while your TA can request a room/building block, there's no guarantee you'll get it, so I'd just wait 'til you arrive, and if the room is REALLY not to your liking, you may be able to switch once there.

    We love CSA, and hope you do too - the secret is to just allow the island vibe to mellow you out - everything is easy....

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    Default Gvs

    We stayed in the Garden Verandah Suites twice now, both times in the same building. The first time on the first floor the second time in a third floor corner. We didn't notice the street noise at night really at all when we stayed on the third floor, and we even slept with the verandah doors open. You really only notice the noise if you have your front door or bathroom window open. With that said we like the rooms but next time we think we are going to try out the atrium rooms. Our room was 3305 in building 9. The last picture is the road and how close it is to the room it is taken on the stairs to the room. Just fyi.
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    There are only one category of rooms now along the road. We love the new garden verandahs. We had a ground floor room and had no noise. Higher floors might. But we liked not having stairs and being able to walk out the patio door to the beach.

    You may get the older section now though since they are all one category. I still don't think it's been clearly explained what section you will get if you booked prior to the change and paid the higher price.

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    Couples don't take room requests, but...we had GVS this time last year & it was one at the back of the resort. Road noise was minimal, we had a Mini Bar (which we used) & a Flat TV (which we used once). We also had a bath. Don't worry about your room worry about the fact that you have to go home at the end of your holiday. Not sure I would want to be in the great house, I think (& I may be wrong) they are more like "hotel rooms". Bet you come on the board when you get back & say how good the room was. One other much time will you spend in the room?

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    Default Gvs

    They all have TV and mini-bar.

    Yes, there is noise from the street. You will more than likely get used to it very quickly and it will not be a problem.

    We were in a GVS in December and had a bathtub. There is also a very large, shallow, warm one in front of the resort.

    Couples no longer takes room requests--from anyone.

    New or old, they are all called garden verandah suites now.

    Relax and have a good time!

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    I am glad that finally someone else said there was street noise. We were in the old section, the building farthest to the right if you were facing the road (1112), and it was very loud with street noise. It also did not have a bath, just a large walk in shower. If your not a light sleeper you may not have any problems.

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    Default Gvs

    Thanks everyone - my wife is now calm - it was a tense few hours - but she is ok .

    We are really looking forward to the trip - can't wait for my first red stripe.

    Thanks again

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    People keep saying that they no longer take room requests and that is just plain not true. They don't take requests IN ADVANCE. The thread that Randy made clearly states that you cannot make requests in advance. Many people had been calling and emailing requests and then assumed that their request was an actual reservation when it was nothing more than a request. They don't even look at those requests until the day you arrive anyway. You can absolutely make requests when you are checking in and they will do what they can to help you. Some people are much more helpful than others. We have been to CSA twice since the no request rule was posted and both times they honored requests from everyone to the best of their ability.

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    We had a corner room, 2nd floor GVS last year. My wife is a very light sleeper. She said the noisiest trucks on the road disturbed her sleep. I could barely hear the traffic during the day. At night, I slept soundly. 1st floor might have less noise, due to the wall next to the road. Also one of the two interior rooms (less exterior walls) might transmit less sound as well.

    Our room was very nice with a tub/shower, tv, minibar, etc.

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    Hi Yes there is a small amount of road noise we were in the new section. We had requested a ground floor room when we booked from the UK and they had a note of it, it was a corner too!

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    Hi - we were in 3108 and it was noisy. During the day we were at the beach. During the night it wasn't to bad until but in the early morning it was quite loud as everyone goes to work, makes deliveries etc...We would not book that category again instead we would take oceanview or beachfront. Beautifl resort - have fun.

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