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    Default CN - Private Dinner worth it?

    We are taking our first trip to CN in about five weeks, and we are considering the Private Dinner option. Has anyone had it? Is the food better than what is available as part of the all inclusive package? Would you suggest it over another pay service like the spa?


    Celebrate with a romantic dinner with that special someone under the stars on the beach or in the garden lit with flaming torches, candles lining the walk way. Share a bottle of champagne or wine over dishes made from fresh local ingredients and top it off with a mouthwatering Jamaican dessert. Stare into each other eyes while being waited on by your own private waiter and listen to the gentle chiming of the Jamaican tree frogs or the lapping of the waves…. To reserve your private dinner, please contact sales/guest services in advance or visit their desk upon arrival. The dinner is $170 per couple and includes a bottle of our private label wine - Love Potion 4 Two. Availability is limited. Please visit our guest relations office upon arrival.

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    I'm surprised there hasn't been a reply to this...

    Wife and I had this package at CSA during our honeymoon. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Granted, we didn't pay for it ourselves (it was a wedding gift from my sister), but aside from that it was like being treated like royalty for a couple of hours.

    Everything about it was amazing. the food, the service, the atmosphere, even the guy (who i don't think was a Couples employee) who was roaming along the beach with a guitar serenading was a delight.

    Without taking anything away from the massages (we did both, and both were extremely enjoyable), the memory of the dinner will last far longer. Also, You go in for your massage, it's done, now on to the's not really an "event" in your vaca.

    I hope this helps!

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    I just told my wife about this post....her reply was "we got a massage?"

    ....I rest my case

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    Default Private dinner

    I too have booked this private dinner for Valentine's Day evening....I certainly hope it's worth it!

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    Jb, we had a private dinner in the tree house for our 30th anniv. It was probably one of the most romantic things we have done there. Go for it!

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    thanks for the responses. Did you find the quality of food to be significantly higher than the restaurants? It should be if the chef is preparing one serving at a time...

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