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    Default Swept Away in Negril!

    My husband and I got married at CSA on October 25, 2010. Our first night there a repeating couple commented we made the "right choice" in resorts.....I could not agree more!

    The resort is clean and the employees are friendly. Food was great with so many choices, but our favorite was definitely Lemongrass! And Denva made yummy omelettes. Every person made us feel at home.

    Tamika did a wonderful job with the wedding. I truly had nothing to worry about. The wedding was beautiful and weather was perfect! Initially I chose the 3pm wedding slot, but I could not be any happier that I changed it to 11am! The water is such a pretty blue in the morning, nothing compares. Ceon did a great job with our pictures....I still cannot stop looking at them! After hearing questionable things on the message board about the resort photographer, I am here to say he did a wonderful job and I am very pleased. My husband had a white stripe from his sunglasses and a red stripe from a sunburn across his face. He looked truly funny and this showed up in every wedding pic....but the photo staff did a wonderful job editing and no stripes showed up at all! I wasn't thrilled about the wedding being in the middle of the beach where everyone could see, but the security did move rude people, and honestly those people are the last thing on your mind when you're standing in paradise marrying your best friend.

    Here is my staff shout out for those exceptional people we will never forget! Shane Brown, great photographer and man(check your facebook mon)! Oral stocked our mini bar with a special request and gave us a bottle of champagne without us asking, such a nice guy. Karleen and Georgette did a beautiful job on my hair. I truly hated to wash it all out the next day!

    Thanks everyone for making our weddingmoon so special and memorable...I cannot wait to come home again!

    Will post my pics soon!

    Brad and Angie Turner

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    Can't wait to see the pics!!! Congrats to the two of you! This review definitely makes me feel better about our upcoming wedding. All the things that could go wrong have been going through my mind! Thanks for the post!!

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    OK. Here are the pics. Let me know if any problems viewing.

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    Default :)

    gorgeous photos! I love your dress! I agree the morning photos are always so much bluer. If though this pains me because I'm not a morning person I was wondering if you got the flowers in your hair there and if so how much did they cost? Also was your cake an upgrade?

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    Default Love your pictures!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for posting your pictures!!! They are AWESOME!!! LOVE your dress, hair and RING!!!! (I believe we have the same style of ring!!!) Your pictures are so awesome!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Now I'm SUPER excited!!!! Congrats to you and your husband!!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    great pictures, I love your dress.

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    Wow! Nice pictures. What a perfect day!!! Best Wishes to both and cherish your life together.

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    I work third shift and am not a morning person either. But the sun rises so bright at 6 am, i promise you'll want to be up with the sun because it is sooo beautiful!

    The orchids in my hair cost $12. They will do about 2 for free. The cake is not an upgrade.

    Did i answer all the questions? Please ask whatever you want.

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    I love your pictures. Beautiful. Your dress was beautiful. Simple and yet elegant.

    We are getting married at CSA in Feb. Not on the beach though, in the gardens or gazebo. Not sure. I'm not too kean on the 'audience' on the beach.

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    We received our official wedding certificate on Monday via UPS. So excited! Really missing "home"!

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