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    Default August Wedding CTI or CSA?

    Please help!

    Planning our 1st trip to Jamaica the 3rd week in August, 2011. We are ok with the heat--not an issue. I am however concerned about hurricane season.
    The wedding date we are shooting for is THAT important to us.

    Does that make us crazy?

    We can't decide on Tower Isle or Swept Away. We've had personal friends, who have returned several times recommend each place with rave reviews.

    I think we are drawn more to CTI because we can go to Dunn's River, horseback riding and I (hope) have a great ocean view. We are ok with a smaller beach. We prefer the island village feel over a large hotel.

    But from these boards, I keep reading a LOT about CSA. And the wedding venue photos seem more picturesque as well.

    Any thoughts?

    It's probably just going to be my fiance and I, and possibly his parents for the wedding. We are very simple people and I believe we are easy to please. A destination wedding far exceeds our possibilities here in Indiana.

    We want to concentrate our mementos on wedding photography for those that couldn't be with us.

    I'm still trying to figure this out...Can we just pay one price to have a CD with all the photos included? I don't mean all of them enhanced or touched up. We just want to have the best variety of pictures regardless of which Couples resort we select. Anyone know?

    Thanks so much!
    Excited beyond belief!

    Danielle & Tim

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    If you prefer the village feel over a large hotel then CSA is the place for you. The Atrium and Beachfront suites are like your own private bungalows which is something we also really prefer. There are four rooms in each of those buildings but they don't share any walls so there are windows on each side and it feels very private. CTI is literally a big hotel. One thing to think about is that the sun sets over the ocean in Negril (CSA) so you can get some nice sunset photos on the beach if you want.

    You do pay one price for the cd with the photos but I don't think there is a price for all of the photos since they don't take a set amount. You can choose a certain number for a certain price and there are different price points you can choose from. You also get an album with the prints of the photos you chose. They are not edited at all but you can do that yourself once you are home if you want.

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    Thanks for the response Melody!

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    Default No worries mon

    Danielle and Tim,

    First of all congratulations on your upcoming wedding! My wife and I were married on the beach at CSA on August 23 2010. You guys will have a great time regardless of where you decide to stay. I know you want to be close to the things you want to do, but trust me when I say this, that will change. We had plans to do something all the time and guess what? We never made it off the resort ! Sand gravity on your honeymoon, nothing better!

    As far as hurricane season goes, your intended stay of the third week in August puts you towards the first quarter of the season. This was a concern of ours as well but other than the occasional afternoon shower it was just heat and sunshine! I would not worry about something you can't control, easy to say after the fact! Matter of fact we will be back this August for our anniversary although having to go at begining of August since our oldest starts college this year. August is a risk but a small one as far as hurrican season goes.

    You did say the photos were the second most important other than the date so you could share with family back home. This was the most important thing for us since it was just the two of us. We hired an outside photographer (Stacey Clarke) for three hours for the wedding and then even had it video taped so we could always re-live the day and share the wedding with everyone back home. We could not have been more happy with this decission. Although I am sure the resort photographers do a great job, we saw some of their work and it was good, I wanted someone who "specialized" in wedding photography. We had the video and all the wedding pictures on a DVD before we left our honeymoon. We even met a couple from New Jersey who took pictures of our wedding with our camera.

    Just a thought
    Focus on what is most important to you two!

    Jason and Amanda

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    Thanks for the info Jason and Amanda. It does make me feel better to see another August booking, even though yours was last year.

    Thanks again!

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    I'm getting married at CTI in October! I know what you mean about hurricane season...we're a little worried about it too but like others said we can't control it so go with it! Photos are number one for us! I would love to hear what resort you choose and how it goes! I hope you have a great wedding. I'm sure it will be memorable.

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    Got married at CSA in 04. Going back for trip#4 in April, enough said!!!

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    Dave and Jessica,
    We chose CTI! Booked for August!! So excited!

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    Oh great!!!! PLEASE tell me all about it when you get back! I am so excited too! It feels so far away but I got my dress, and I've been looking at jewelery, shoes, hair pieces you name it! LOL I can't wait!!!

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    Just a followup....we married at CTI August 26th. Couples made our wedding wonderful.

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    That's a beautiful pic!

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