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    Default Repeaters ? - Last visit prior to Romance Rewards


    I have a question on repeater perks. We were married at COR in Sept 2006, for 14 days, prior to the new Romance Rewards. We will be returning home in October for 10 nights for our 5 year anniversary, and were just wondering if we would receive any repeater perks. I understand the Romance Rewards won't be eligible until our next visit, but since we are truly Repeaters - we were really looking forward to the Repeaters Dinner and couples massage!

    Does anyone know if we are eligible for Repeaters perks, even though we'll be registering for Romance Rewards for the first time?

    Jason and Kristen

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    I am asking that same question....we were married at CN in 2003 and are heading back in April. We too would like to be able to paritipate in the repeaters dinner and massages.

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    For years they were allowing people to get credit for their past stays but they stopped doing that last year sometime. I would call and ask for Sean or someone that works with the rewards program rather than trying to email or get info here. They might be willing to work with you if you call. I tried and tried to email them when I was getting credit for my past stays and I never got a response. Calling is the only thing that worked for me. I am not sure what they will do but at least you will get an answer.

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    It is my experience that it depends on when you registered for the Romance Rewards program. I signed up when they first rolled it out, all our previous visits were counted.

    Our friends that went on the same trips as us did not sign up and tried to get credit for their trips prior to 07. They were SOL.

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    We traveled this pasts December with a couple who had been to CSA previously but who had not signed up in time for the Romance Rewards to have their stay count toward any of the levels. They were able to attend the Repeater's dinner but were not given any other "perks" other than being able to do Trading Places because they were Romance Rewards members.

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