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    Default Flying From England - lets compare deals!

    Hi All

    i thought it would be a good idea to compare any holiday deals because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find some good deals to couples resorts if you are travelling from England.

    sometimes we have linked up with my American friends in Jamaica and are continually amazed at how affordable their holidays are. In England, because of the flight distance to Jamaica, holiday makers from our shores normally end up booking 10 or in most cases 14 days - which can be very expensive.

    in more recent years, a two week stay at CSA has cost approximately #2,000 each, however we have found a deal for two weeks in CSA for #1789 pound sterling and to CTI for #1696 (thats with a room upgrade to the superior ocean).

    are there any other deals others have come across?

    AKA - Jammieengland

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    Anne-Marie - it depends when you want to go. We always go high season (February), and like to fly Virgin Premium Economy (love the seats upstairs in the pod!) so our 2 week stay this year (CSA Atrium) costs just over 5K. We look up the costs on the Virgin website and then email a number of TA's (Tropical Sky, Q Holidays, Kenwwod, Key2Holidays, The Holiday Place etc) and ask hem to beat the price. We always haggle. One year we flew with Thomson and it was cheaper but their flight upgrade was not as good. So my advice is - haggle!

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    You are right it is not cheap to the Carribean full stop from the UK and we always go for a fortnight. Dor us to make it more affordable we save out Tesco Clubcard points and convert them to Virgin vouchers. Our forthcoming holiday we had the maximum 1,400 off the pre discounted website cost. Unfortunately they have now reduced this down to a maximum of 1,050 off but it all helps. Prices are going up though with increasing fuel costs, increasing air passenger duty and I think reducing discounts being offered it is getting tougher all the time. Kenwood Travel are generally fairly good on costs as well so may be worth a try.
    Good luck with getting the best deal that you can.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Hi All

    well........ you learn something new every day. i did not know that you could use Tesco Clubcard points for travel. This will be our 4th Couples holiday to Jamaica and i have noticed the price slowly rising. I have only recently booked a trip to CSA for June 2011 with the Holiday Place, and only just looked at/noticed Kenwood Travel which offer competitive deals. (i will refer to them in the future)

    I never considered going in February. I have found the Couples Resorts in July and August especially, to be very lively. We have been in June before and maybe February is a good time to go, as a) its my birthday and b)its a good time to relax after christmas.

    two years ago, when we got married at CSA, we travelled with Virgin in Premium Economy Class, and roomed in the Ocean Verandahh - the total cost was # 4,229. That was with Best at Travel. I have always found that if you book directly with Virgin, the price is slightly highter, but if booked through a travel operator, travelling with virgin to the same hotel and staying in the same room category, that the prices were considerably cheaper.

    i am itching to travel with BA next time. Two friends travel frequently to Jamaica and say the service with BA is very good and the food is better onboard.

    with reference to haggling - i was taught by the best. my mother.

    kind regards


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    Anne-Marie -its wonderful to be lazing on a tropical beach in February when it is cold and miserable at home. The Couples Resorts are usually at capacity with others escaping the cold weather. The only down side is that it is high season and therefore prices are at their highest. So glad that you, like me, are a haggler!

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    we normally go for two weeks, but this year will be the first time we leave our daughter at home so we have booked for a week at the CTI in september, total cost excluding travel insurance was 2036 for the both of use for 1 week

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    Blimey looks like i've been stitched we're paying well over double that for 10 days !!! We're going to CSS in September.

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    Hi all! Glad I found this thread. I am becoming very frustrated at the difficulty I am having trying to find an operator who can offer what we want at a good price. Looking at October 2011 at the moment, however circumstances may cause us to change to January 2012. We want CTI,preferably from Manchester with decent seats. So, I have found Thomson no longer offer CTI, when I check on line Thomas Cook seem to have it sporadically, one day it's there, another day it's not! They have stopped doing premium seats and can't price CTI in Jan 2012 but they can price other resorts (San souci, Swept Away included)!! Virgin only goes from Gatwick and I think they are quite expensive. I tried pricing room and flight only, defintely a no-no. I rang Kenwood Travel a couple of weeks ago but they didn't have Jan 2012 prices yet, I'll be calling them again soon.

    We first went to CTI in 2005 and paid just under 4K with Thomson for 14 nights. Strangley enough for 06,08,09 we paid 3,500, 3,600 and 3,335 with Thomas Cook. Obviously air travel prices have risen recently so the price is going to be affected.

    Okay, now I'm off to trawl the internet to see what I can find.

    Booking a holiday should be fun shouldn't it????

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    I booked with Thomson last May for this June for 2 weeks @ Sans Souci. We paid just under 4K (this does include transport to and from Birmingham Airport also).

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    Red face

    we booked our package deal with thomas cook, flights from manchester on the 4th sept 2011 for a week 2036 20kg luggage and pre booked seats and accomodation, you can go on there website 90days i think before departure and pick your seat and pre check in online. total cost at time of booking 2036 but the following week was an extra discount off what i paid so could have got it for around 1950.

    just looked today and its 1850, looks like i booked too soon, i could have saved my self nearly 200
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    We booked in the BA sale and got 10 days for 4100, but that is flying BA Club/business, I economy was 3250 and PE was 3700. Have used BA for just flights and had never thought to use them for a full holiday, thought this was quite a good deal. We will look at booking next holiday with them also.

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    Aaron at Kenwood Travel always gives us a good deal whether we go BA or Virgin. As Dawn says Virgin Premium in the Pod is really good value. I can't ever imagine going all 10 hours and overnight in economy. Virgin Holidays are always the most expensive I find too.

    Helen , UK

    (hello Dawn, good to meet you this year at CSA)

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    Default cost of holiday

    We have booked a 7 night stay at CTI superior ocean view room, 7 nights cruising balcony cabin from Ocho Rios to cayman islands, cozumel, miami, bahamas and back to ocho rios from gatwick to Kingston v room included with Virgin 3,500 for both of us.

    It is our honeymoon so we are really looking forward to it in October 2011

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    We got price's from tropical sky, asda travel and the holiday place and haggled to a final price of 3700 for 14 nights for 2 in CN from the holiday place. i quite enjoyed playing one against the other asda were first to fall by the way side and then the other two battled it out.We fly from Manchester its a charter flight think it thomas cook or maybe thomson 20 kg baggae allowance and meals etc standard class seats. found the leg room grand last year on the same type aircraft.I found it best to get the price's from the net first then phone to get a better deal.I like what you did irishman69 with the half land based and half cruise.I might look at that next year best of luck to you both.

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    We are going for 12 nights in January 2012 to CSS flying BA Club World (fully flat beds) for 5k for 2 of us. I thought this was a great deal and it came at about the same as going with Virgin in Premium Economy.

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    We had two weeks last November at CSS. Ocean verandah suite and flying cattle class out of Gatwick with Virgin. We booked through Virgin and paid 4300 (ish) for the two of us. We vowed not to fly cattle again and this year we are off to CSS, again for two weeks, in late Nov early Dec. This time I booked an the ocean verandah suite but the flight was with BA in Prem Econ. Total cost 4999 through Dial a Flight (excellent firm by the way!). Just taken the plunge and upgraded to Club class (ah bliss) for an additional 1050. Total cost 6049. For travelling in style I reckon that's not a bad result.

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    We are going 2 weeks to CTI from Gatwick with Virgin Holidays.

    Booked direct with them (via Quidco and got 80 cashback) for 3400 for the two of us. Garden View I believe.

    Booked it at the start of September.

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