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    Default You are the only people who understand!

    My husband and I have decided we want to do a CTI/CSS split after spending a fabulous week at CSA in September. We are hooked on Couples. Well, the soonest we are able to get back is the end of 2012. I had my hubby call this week to see if they would let us book this far in advance for Dec 23, 2010 - Jan 1, 2013. Unfortunately, they don't have pricing past Dec 25th yet, but said the 2013 pricing would be available by April! Only 2 and a half months until we can book our return trip home! Everyone I've talked to about it thinks we're crazy wanting to book a trip almost 2 years out. I just had to tell someone who would understand, and this is the perfect place for that!! 710 days

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    Wow, that is a long way out! But it gives you something to look forward to
    We just did a CTI/CSS split (review soon come), after our first Couples trip to CSA in 2008. We love all the Couples resorts!

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    Oh yes, I understand.

    Every time we leave Couples I start to plan our return, the 1st time was 2yrs, last time was 3yrs & this time was 11mths - now its only 70+ days & counting

    If you're like me you'll feel sooo much better once you're able to book.

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    I get it!!! It'll be two and half years since our last trip to Couples...that's the longest its ever been for us.

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    Oh yes, we sure do understand! We went for the first time in October of 2009. We were hooked the second we walked into the lobby of CTI. We went again June '10 and now have two trips planned in 2011, CN in May and CTI again in November. We just can't justify going anywhere else. The message boards get us thru in the mean time!
    Peace and Love!

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    I understand perfectly. While we don't book TWO years out, we never leaave to return home without having the next year's trip booked. It is usually about 15 - 16 months out when we book. It helps us fight the depression we feel when we leave Jamaica. It is so much easier not having to worry about when we are going back home!!!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    We made our reservations and reserved our wedding time 1 1/2 years before the date. We were too excited to wait, we booked early.

    We just got home from our second trip from Couples 1 week before we booked another trip back, lol.

    We are Couple-holics. Yeah mon!!

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    We understand! We are planning our honeymoon trip for April of 2012. We can't wait to get back to CTI!! Enjoy your planning and your trip!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    If we do not make it back this summer I will be over 2 years. I dont think that is going to happen though. We were married at CN and it is our home! Totally understand what you are meaning!
    Mark & Heather

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    "I just had to tell someone who would understand, and this is the perfect place for that!! 710 days...." You are too funny & think about it this way, you have something awesome to look forward to!

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    Hee Hee, I tell my friends that there is a whole message board of people just like me. We started planning our next trip back on the bus ride back to airport. And right now are working on our trip this year for June and our trip in 2012.

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