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    I am so excited! We were married at CTI September 18, 2006 and just booked a return visit for our 5 year anniversary! I'm a little stressed about leaving our 2 year old for 10 nights, but Mama and Dada need a trip!!

    I love CTI. We debated about trying somewhere else, but are very curious to the new updates. The swim-up bar is going to be awesome!

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    Congrats on going back to CTI for your 5 yr. anniversary. We went back for our 25th and 27th anniversary and will be there for our 29th this Sept.17-26. We thought about trying another Couples but CTI is our Jamaica "home". You're going to love the new changes. When are you going?

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    Our anniversary is September 18, but we're not able to get away from work until October, so will be there from Oct 5-15. Can't wait!!!

    Congrats on 29 years!

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    Oct 5-15 2011

    Jason and Kristen

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    Sorry we're going to miss you. I'll save you a anniversary drink. Like I said before, you're going to love CTI. Can't wait to go.

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