Hi Everyone! We were married at CN back in 2003, and are just heading back for our 8 year anniversary in April. Super excited to get back to this wonderful place. Just wondering how we go about being considered a "repeat" guest as far as any of the rewards. Being we havent been there since 2003....It looks like they only go back as far as 2006 for repeat visitors?? Is that right?? We unfortunately just havent been able to get back any sooner, but are definetley looking foward to our trip in a couple of months. I know at that time, they offered a "repeat program", and I think it included maybe a massage or a room upgrade or things to that affect. I just thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone else went thru this at all. Its not a big deal at all, we just feel so fortunate to go back to CN and thought I would check. Thanks in advance everyone!!

P.S. Might be a stupid question....but are there ice machines near the rooms? Last time we were there, they did not have the mini bars in the rooms, so that is really nice! Just wondering if we will be able to access ice for drinks in the room. Thanks so much!