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    Default wedding dress travel box'

    Has anybody used this yet to travel on the wedding dress? I am flying Airtran to ORLANDO first hahaha MICKEY MOUSE CAPITAL and I am afraid the flight will be packed with kids and no room so trying to figure out a good way to pack my wedding dress. Any ideas of past brides?

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    I'm just going to take my dress as a carry on and see if they can hang it up in their closet. If they can't, I plan on just putting our carry on luggage in the overhead bin and lying my dress on top of it. The good thing is they can steam your dress at the resort. :O) Who knows though, we have a direct flight from Orlando so I may just hold my dress the entire time. LOL That thing is so big and heavy though........

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    I just dont know what to do yet, Air Tran did NOT help me at all they told me if they had room they would hang it up but then they also said well most of the couples going to jamaica will be brides so they cannot hang up all. They said to pay for priority seating and that would help being put on plane first to find a spot lol.

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    I found a unique idea at the link below.I actually plan on doing this. Getting some dry cleaning plastic and white pillow cases from Target. Good Luck!

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    That sounds like a good idea also. I just want my dress in one piece and safe then I will dirty it all up after my wedding lol..

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    I know right! I called our airline and they had some ready made spill for anyone with questions about traveling with wedding items. Didn't seem reasonable to me. I know this way my dress will make it to Jamaica just fine.

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    Yeah Air tran had the same ready made thing to read to me. I cannot wait just hope it makes it. Guess I should worry about his clothes too hahahahahah

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    I carried mine on and was lucky enough to hang it in the pilots closet ,but they did warn me to be prepared to fold it in half and put it with carry -ons if there was not room!!

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