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    Hey all,

    I have some friends scheduled to visit CTI in Sep. They are thinking about canceling becuase they heard there were saftey issues in Jamaica. I would hate for them to miss out on a fabulous vacation. Can anybody that has been there recently let us know if there is anything to be worried about?


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    This is a common topic.

    Use the same discretion you would anywhere.

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    Default Safety

    We just returned from CTI and we never felt unsafe.
    Once we got through immigration and to the Couple Lounge we knew we were in good hands.

    The only safety issue I could possibly think of would be on the ride to and from the Airport to the resort.

    Depending on the time of day, your shuttle may encounter some aggressive drivers on the road but we never felt unsafe. Our driver to the resort, Danny, did an excellent job informing us about the sites and made us very comfortable.

    This trip we never left the resort for excursions but 2 years ago we never had any issues with the Dunn's River or shopping excursions.

    Good luck,

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    I also heard that because they had just elected a new P.M. and there was social "unrest" in Ochos Rios so we decided to go to CSA. I work with a guy from Montego Bay and he advised me to travel to Negril since we were leaving August 10th but that it was starting to calm down so you should be good in September.

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    No worries! There aren't any safety issues nor have any travel advisories been put out.

    Just use the same safety principles you use in your hometown and you'll be fine.

    We go every year! As do most people on this board, and then the lucky ones go more than once a year!
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    Im new to the board me and my wife are coming to CTI for the first time in June after I return from Afghanistan. I so glad to hear that is pretty much safe. This will be a much needed vacation/honeymoon for us.

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