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    Default Dec 27th - Jan 3rd 2009 Xmas break

    Cant wait...our 1st time there are the place looks beautiful.. Will be in Deluxe Ocean View...Can anyone describe what they look like? Do they have ceiling fans? We are natural air not air conditioning people. Has anyone been recently, after the renovations?


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    I have not been since the renovation (or ever) so I can't answer your questions. BUT we'll be there during the same time. We'll be on our honeymoon 12/27-1/1. Can't wait!

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    Default I'll c u there

    That's wonderful...congrats! My boyfriend and I are not getting married anytime soon, but we vacation in jamaica once a year (it is currently our favorite vacation spot) , either spring break or xmas break. We would be very easy to spot, as we get closer to the date and you get closer to your wedding I will contact you and decribe what we look like. You will be engulfed in the romance of your honeymoon I'm sure but that would be neat if we met just to say hello! I am so excited! I hope the next couple of months go fast!


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    I'm sure the next few months really will fly by. We got engaged back in January, and when we set a date for December, it seemed like so far away. It has just flown by! Please do be in would be great to have some friends to grab a drink with while we're there! :-)

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    We are on the "December 2009 picture thread" of people going for xmas break! I will tell you we are predictable beach bums during the day. I lay out all day listening to my ipod and reading whatever book I brought to try and conquer. My boyfriend is restless and gets bored easily so he will hang out and volunteer to work at the water sports area every single day. That is what we have done at all the resorts we have been to in jamaica. We go the pool later in the day, then either work out, or I get massage, and relax in our rooms for a couple of hours. Eat at the later dinners/buffet then enjoy the night life until we cant anylonger. That is us everyday (besides excursions...we have been on all but will do the ones the resort offers!) So you could easily find us besides the fact that you are on your honeymoon of course!...Glenda

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