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    We are leaving for our first trip to Couples Negril in a week and half. Our flight home is at 4:00pm. We figured that would allow us to sleep in and get breakfast/lunch before leaving for the airport. But I have read other posts about people having to leave for the airport around 9:30 for afternoon flights. What time does the shuttle usually depart for the airport for a 4:00pm flight? I would think 12:00 would be reasonable, but if it is much earlier than that, it might be worth taking TimAir. Thanks for your help.

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    Figure for a 4 PM flight they will put you on a van at about 12 noon.

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    Our flight is always at 2:30 & we normally are put on the 10:00 or 10:30 (??) shuttle to the airport from CN. That was the same when we were there in September 2010. I would imagine you would go at noon but you aren't told until the day before departure.

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    Daria, there are a lot of variables that can affect what time you leave( what day it is, construction, though that hasn't been an issue lately, the other flights leaving around the same time) but you should be able to sleep in and get breakfast adn maybe even an early lunch. When we were there in November, we had a 1:40 flight out and left about 9:30. So you have plenty of time. Enjoy your trip!

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