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    WHat time is the best time to have your wedding ceremony. We are coming at the end of July to Couples Swept Away. Can anyone tell me from their personal experience?

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    this seems like the most common subject! If you do a search for it, i'm sure you'll find tons and tons of older posts about this.

    we got married july 15th 2010 at CN at 10am, i'm happy i chose that b/c the water was the most crystal clear blue, weather was slightly cooler, and we missed the rain! That day it rained from 1-3p, and again from 530-9p

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    Our wedding is 03/21/11, and we chose 11am. I know the water seems much prettier in the morning. Plus, I didn't want it to be too hot, and we wanted to have a nice relaxing breakfast before I had to get ready. Also, less chance of showers in the morning, normally. I'm sure whaetever time you choose it will be beautiful. :O)

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    We had a wedding last July and our wedding was at 3pm. It was perfect, plenty of light and then after the wedding the sun was starting to go down. The pictures turned out great with the sunset.

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