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    Default CSS Toiletries and Email address

    Hey there. Just starting to pack for our trip to CSS. Can't wait.
    Could anyone who has been recently let me know what is provided as far as:
    ~body lotion
    ~soap and body wash
    ~aloe gel
    Also is there hairdryers in the rooms and how well do they work.
    We are going for 11 nights so trying to limit some things is what they offer is fairly good.
    Thanks so much everyone

    Also does anyone have an email address for the hotel? We booked direct with Couples thinking that would be a good choice, but I found it very frustrating the other day when I called to ask a few questions and double check everything was good with reservation(booked way back in June). I gave our booking # but the agent gave us the wrong departure date, and the wrong room catagory....totally freaked me out. She repeated it again, then said....oh that's a different client. I then called back to double check with a different agent...she gave me the correct trip info, I explained what had happened and requested a confirmation to be emailed to put my mind at ease....she stated she could NOT do this as we'd booked with a travel agent....of course not we booked with Couples direct, and then she said OK she'd send it to us.So very frustrating for me...trying to stay positive despite the questionable customer service.
    So I was hoping someone out there could share an email direct to CSS for me. I'd really rather NOT call the Couples 1-800 again if I have any other questions
    Thanks again! We are really looking forward to our trip here

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    We have booked thru Couples several times going to CSS. All you need is the confirmation they give you when you book. Print it off the computer. Never had a problem. We bring that confirmation with us in case there is a problem. If you have that and there is a mistake Couples will make it right, Don't happy. Enjoy !!
    Steve & Victoria

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    Look at the "contact us" link on the left- hand side of the page and it will give you all contact information for all of the resorts. Remember to print off your receipt from Couples showing your reservations and payment and take that with you. That will help if any issues come up.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I would be frustrated too. I contacted them because we are both celiac and they got back to me. Good Luck

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    All items you asked about are provided and hairdryers work great! Sorry to hear you're having such a time with confirming your stay. If you go to "Contact Us" in the left NavBar you'll find you can send an e-mail question directly to CSS. They're pretty good about responding. Enjoy your stay!

    Bart & Bug

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    Toiletries....We were there in the beginning of December we had the beachfront suite. There were dispenser bottles of items, not small individual bottles. There was a dispenser of hand lotion on the wall by the sink with regular bars of soap. (There were no soap dishes which I found odd.) In the shower there were dispenser bottles of a shampoo/conditioner combo and shower gel. I have short hair and the shampoo was fine but if you need a decent shampoo or conditioner, bring your own. We ended up bringing the bar soap into the shower, the gel just wasn't cutting it, with all the lotion! No aloe. It was a standard hair dryer.

    We booked through the website. They sent us a confirmation email, one when we booked and one when we paid in full. No problems at all when we arrived. In all of our trips we have never had issues with our reservations. In general, most questions we have had have been answered on the message board.

    Relax, you will have a great time.

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    Great....thanks so much everyone.
    We are really looking forward to this trip. My DH's work place has been working mandatory overtime for 16 months!! So, we really need this break, and CSS looks perfect for us

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    The "conditioning shampoo" is not the best. Be sure and bring your own hair conditioner, you'll be glad you did. And bring a shower poof to use the shower gel.

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    Just an fyi - when we were there early December, we used quite a lot of body lotion given the length of time we were in the sun (and after a few days the dispenser got low). I left a note, asking for more, and housekeeping re-filled the dispenser plus they also left small bottles of the lotion . I found them very accommodating. (we were in the D block).
    FONT="Verdana"]David and Jeanette, Nova Scotia[/FONT][/FONT]

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