OK, so I know I have a while since we aren't traveling until August, but I'm pretty sure I want to do Secret Rendezvous. We've been to CN twice (honeymoon and annivesrary) and CSA once (anniversary). I'm such a planner that I usually book my trips a year in advance, but this time I want to wing it a little. I think it will help me relax! My husband suggested that we try the SR and see where we end up BUT my husband also has always wanted to try a night or two on the cliffs side of Negril. Since we don't get to Jamaica often (10 hour + flight from Vegas PLUS a newborn baby), he may not get the chance for a while. If we do SR we can have the element of surprise that I want but we won't know until a week out whether or not we can add a night or two at the cliffs on.

What we were thinking: Book SR for 5 nights. If we end up in Negril, we'll add on 2 nights at a hotel on the cliffs if they have availability a week out. If we end up in Ocho Rios, add 2 more nights at whichever Couples resort we receive, assuming there is availability.

So here are my questions:

(1) Does anyone know whether I can book SR and add more nights on depending on which resort I receive. For example, if I book SR for 5 nights in August and receive notice that I'm going to CSS 7 days before we leave, could I then choose to add on 2 more nights?

(2) If for some reason I get a resort in Ocho Rios and we want to add 2 more nights and Couples is booked, are there any other places anyone would recommend staying in the area? Something different from Couples, maybe not even AI? I know nothing compares to Couples, trust me we've been to other resorts and keep returning to Couples. But in this case we may not have another option.