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    Default Transportation from airport

    I know somone has done this in the past and wondering how it worked. I am finding if we fly in a day earlier we can actually save money. Wondering how to hook up with the van in couples lounge to get to CSS?

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    Default Make my question more clear

    When I typed out my question it made sense but when I read it later it still made sense to me but I don't think to others. We would fly in a day earlier than our scheduled time at css stay in Montego Bay over night then take the van to Css. But how do you get into the couples lounge at the airport from the outside?

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    I do not think you can do that. If arriving a day earlier, I would enjoy MoBay for an evening, assumming your staying 1 night, and arrange private transportation for early next morning, thus arriving at CSS early, and you can start enjoying the resort. All said after paying for private transportation, you probably not saving the money you intended to, but get one extra day on Holiday and a chance to experience MoBay.

    MN YaMon

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    Don't forget check-in is 4:00pm

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    Actually I think you CAN do this, but not sure what arrangements you would have to make. You may want to call Couples and see.

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    Your question makes perfect sense. I don't believe you can get back into the lounge, I think you have to make arrangements to meet the shuttle outside the terminal but I think you can do CSS directly for instructions.

    I would ask you though, by the time you pay for a taxi ride to and from a resort or hotel in Montego bay for that night and pay for that nights stay are you saving any money...or a significant amount?

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    You can hook up with the shuttle at the airport but it's less than convenient.
    We recently got married at a resort in Montego Bay and transferred to CN the following day. When we arrived back at the airport, we had to walk from the drop off spot at departures all the way over to arrivals, where the taxis are. (The taxi drivers will hound you so just so no thanks and keep walking.) We were not allowed back into the airport, of course, so we had to ask security at the door to get someone from Couples to come out and speak to us. That alone took at least 5 minutes. The rep took our name and checked us in at the desk and returned to tell us the shuttle would pick us up in about 25 minutes. At least 30 minutes went by before I asked security to get the Couples rep to come back outside to talk to us. They sent a bag handler to walk us to the curb to meet the shuttle.

    So to answer your question, yes it can be done but just be prepared to stand outside in the midst of pushy taxi drivers waiting for the shuttle. I can't fault Couples for this but it was still kind of a crappy way to start our honeymoon! Everything was perfect once we arrived so no problem!

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    Why not check with the Couples reservation board and ask them. You might be able to take a taxi to a Mobay Hotel and then back to the airport the next a.m. and have it drop you off at the arrivals area, where you could go to the Couples lounge just as you would if you were getting directly off the plane. After all your price does include transportation to and from the airport.

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    Coulnt you just go back to airport that day you want to go? Call couples resort and ask, I dont see why not, its included.

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    You can definitely do this. We just did this for the first time in December. When we arrived in Montego Bay a day early we stopped in the Couples Lounge and told them we were scheduled to go to CSA the next day but would be spending the night in MoBay. We asked if there was a good time to come back for a ride. They said anytime but suggested around 10 a.m. They told us to simply come to the pick-up area where the taxis wait for new arrivals to come out and go to the Security personnel by the door and tell them you need to speak to a Couples representative. They will have someone from the Couples lounge come out to get your name and tag your bags. We were on a shuttle to CSA within 15 minutes and were the only passengers, but the shuttle was going to CSA to pick up departing guests anyway. We were at the resort before 11:30 a.m. Of course our room was not ready, but we didn't mind. We had planned for that with our packing. It worked very smoothly, and we will definitely do this again. We have a recommendation for a great B&B in MoBay if you are intersted. You can e-mail me at tnwegner at yahoo dot com.

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