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    Default What are your “Must Pack” items

    My wife and I are heading to CSA July 30-Aug13/11 and we are wondering what everyone's must pack items are?
    We know the obvious:
    Sun block, bathing suits… But what are the other must have, can’t do without items?
    Thanks in advance!

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    My "must packs"

    Wedge sandals
    Kindle, camera and iPod
    Linen shawl
    Boot cut trouser khaki pants
    VO5 Hair conditioning creme (it's processed so the salt, chlorine and sun kill my do)

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    Bring some bug spray... sand fleas can be bad in the evenings. We were happy to have it. They sell little "travel sized" ones.

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    Lots of books to read while lazing on the beach.

    Work out clothes for the awesome sports complex.

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    cameras of course! underwear are good too but not really a necessity, i guess.

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    My husband and I were at CSA in September 2010. We over-packed by a lot. I would probably be better at giving you a list of things to NOT pack That being said, I know you mentioned swim suits, but add 3 to the number you were planning on taking. We were there for 7 days and I took 3 suits. I was extremely lucky after day 3 if I had a dry one to put on. They do not dry well.

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    Woolite to rinse suits out. They tend to get funky smelling after a day or two.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    This is for your wife.....nail polish and remover if she has her nails done. I paid for a manicure right before we left and it all peeled off from spending so much time in the pool. It looked terrible. Lesson learned for myself. Will definitely bring some next time.

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    Plastic bags - To pack damp/wet swimwear in for the trip home ... They don't dry well so you may have several damp items.

    Hair conditioner - Even if you use the resort shampoo/conditioner combo you're going to need it.

    Small bills - Nothing larger than a $20 & lots of $5's & $1's for making change with vendors & even at the airport.

    Insulated mug - To use for ice water. I drink a LOT of ice water so those small glasses & bottles aren't enough. NOTE: Bartenders can't fill them with drinks for you so don't ask them to.

    Beach bag - Will save trips back to the room because you can take everything you'll need for the day on the beach or at the pool.

    Hand wipes - Great for to keep in your beach bag.

    Old watch - I hook one on the handle of my beach bag so we know what time it is. There are no clocks around so if you are scheduled to snorkel or take a tour or something, you will need to know when it's time.

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    After 12 trips to CSA heres are our must haves
    Koozies for your drinks, Beach water shoes if you go to mayfield falls or ys falls, Lights for your deck with a extension cord they add a wonderfule touch! Also toilet paper theirs is rough
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Large zip lock bags for wet stuff and alcohol. Extra bathing suits but less clothes. I only put a shirt on to eat. Extra sunscreen. We ran out. We used 20-30 the first few days and switched to 40-60 by the end of the week. We brought our beachbaf everywhere and kept our money and stuff in ziplock bags. Advil for hangovers or sunburn.

    Be careful when scheduling massages. You don't wanna go when you have sunburn or when you've had a lot to drink in the past 12 hours.

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    I forgot to mention in my earlier post .... Bubble wrap - For packing any alcohol that you purchase. We have a connecting flight so have to put it in our checked luggage so get it ahead of time (not at the airport) so we can pack it securely.

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    For the ladies bring lots of cute coverups. You won't want to wear the same one all week as they end up smelling funky. In the morning I would put on a swimsuit and a coverup to go to breakfast. Late afternoon I would go back to the room to shower and dress for dinner. At dinner you see pretty ritzy and very casual depending on where you eat.

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    this info is invaluable, thank you all!

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    Extra metal hangers, dryer sheets. Put one in the drawer to keep your stuff from that humid, musty smell; and if you golf, stick one under your hat to keep those little bugs away. Bring your own personal pharmacy, cuz if you have it, you won't need it. Those items are way overpriced at the resort. Bring lots of sunscreen, plastic ziplock bags for damp travel suits and the stuff in your beach bag. E-reader, iPad and iPod.

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