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    Default need some info on the deals...

    Hi all!

    Me and my fiance are planning on getting married in Jamaica. We're planning our trip for September 2011. Couple of our friends are coming with us.
    We're not from the U.S., we're from EU so it's going to be a looong, an almost 10hour trip, and from the looks of it it should be very well worth it, since it's our first trip to Jamaica.
    Anyways, I'm looking at different places trying to find the deal that suits us and another couple that's coming with us. What we're looking for is some thing where we'd make a payment once (all inclusive) and not bother carrying our wallets around the hotel. Of course we need the wedding ceremony included and so on... I guess what I wanted to know is how's every thing happening at couples resort. What about those "amazing inclusions" deals? Are they some thing worth looking at or there's some kind scam hiding behind these ridiculously low prices? Oh yea, when I tried to book a deal it didn't show those "amazing inclusions".
    That's it for now. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Couples is the real deal. Once you pay "up-front" there are no other costs unless you wish to purchase items from the gift shop or go on outside exclusions. The activities that Couples say are included actually are! I researched lots or resorts in the Caribbean and found Couples to be the best deal ever.

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    No matter where you book you get the same inclusions. There are things you can buy at gift shops and you can add some off site excursions but you won't need yo carry your wallet around. They charge almost everything you would add to your room but all those things listed on the website are indeed included at no additional cost. The only thing you might want cash for is tipping the employees at the spa or the vendors on the beach. They come once or twice a week and sell locally made goods like jewelry, clothing, sandals, artwork, etc. They will always tell you if something is going to cost extra so there are no surprises.

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    Congrats happycouple! I got married at CSA in April of 2008 and it was the best thing I ever did. We have been twice and are going again in March. Couples is truly an all inclusive resort and I think it is exactly what you are looking for. On the menu to the left of the main page(under "Our Amazing Inclusions" it will tell you what is included in each resort and I promise it is not a scam. Drinks are not watered down, the food is AMAZING and the staff is exceptional. I am thinking it probably didn't pop up when you were booking the vacation. No matter where you book your Couples trip(I have gone through a travel agent, website and the couples website) you are getting the same thing. I would just make sure that airport transfers are included whereever you decide to book from. Happy hunting, happycouple and congrats again!

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    There is no need to book a separate transfer. Part of Couples all-inclusive includes the transfer from the airport to the resort. And all of the inclusions listed have no fee attached, no need to carry your wallet around the resort. The only things you would need money for would be any spa treatments and if you want a special bottle of wine with dinner. (wine is included, some people just like to order special wine). These two items will be charged to your room. There are vendors who come on property selling their wares (jewelry, paintings, wood carvings) and you will need cash to pay them as you can't charge them to your room and the vendors do not take credit cards. The resort is truly no tipping and employees can be fired for accepting tips and guests can be kicked out for breaking this policy. So no, there are no hidden fees. Couples is truly the most inclusive all-inclusive.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Wallet goes in safe

    Hi happycouple,

    One of the things (and there's plenty) we really appreciate about Couples resorts are, that we get to the resort, hubbie puts his wallet in the in-room safe, and never gets it out again. Included are all you can eat, all you can drink, all the non-motorized watersports, entertainment on the resort, and all the sunshine you can imagine!

    There's nothing else you have to pay, once you pay up front. You CAN do extra things, like the gift shop, etc., but you don't have to.


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