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    Default Jerk Truffle? Really?

    Yup, you heard right. A jerk chocolate truffle just in time for the holidays. I started making truffles as presents for my family and friends back in 2008. And every year I make a weird one such as: the Elvis (chocolate banana peanut butter with bacon, Aztec (chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper), Alaskan (chocolate with smoked sea salt) and this year the Jerk (chocolate with jerk seasoning past) So far I've been the only one to taste test it, I haven't given them out yet. But I LOVED it! Its sort of odd but great. If you like jerk seasoning and want to experiment a bit with food here is the recipe. Just be aware, the heat does sneak up on you.

    1/2 c cream
    2 tbsp unsalted butter
    2 tsp jerk seasoning paste (I used 2 tsp and wouldn't recommend going over that...its pretty spicy)
    8oz chocolate (I used dark chocolate)
    I covered mine in chocolate afterwards and it takes at least 8 oz to do that.

    In a double boiler (or a pot with a metal bowl over it to make your own) melt the chocolate, be sure to not get the chocolate to hot or else it will scorch.

    In a separate pot combine cream, butter and jerk seasoning. Bring it to a simmer and then set aside (let it cool for about 3 min). Then add it to the melted chocolate stirring slowly so you don't get air bubbles in it. After that scrape it into a bowl and chill for at least 2 hours. Then get ready to get your hands dirty. Using a spoon scrape some chocolate out and make it into a sort of ball like form with your hands (it doesn't have to be perfect). Set it on a try lined with wax paper. Then freeze it for about 5 hours. From there you can melt more chocolate afterwards and quickly coat them in chocolate returning the truffles to the wax paper and chilling again. Its best to keep these in the refrigerator. Enjoy! Name:  P1010522.jpg
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    Oh, and for the icing I just used the pre packaged cookie icing you can buy. But molding chocolate works too.

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    Being somewhat of a guerilla chef, I'm hitting this up this weekend. Combining the spicy cinnamon, clove, allspice flavoring with dark chocolate sounds like a match made in heaven. I usually use Walkerswood, but also have Busha Brown's and Eaton's. Do you have a preference? Thank you for the recipe!

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    I used Walkerswood, I really like the flavor of it. It is similar with the heat/cinnamon to the Aztec truffle I did years ago. But in my opinion (and hubby has tried it now too) it beats the Aztec. I think its now his new favorite. With this batch I did a dark chocolate center and a milk chocolate outer coating. I think a dark coating would go even better.

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    It looks WONDERFUL! However IDK if I am brave enough to try it

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    Weird, I had tried posting a reply and nothing showed. Anyways, I used Walkerswood because I love the taste. Hope it turned out!

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