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    Default Extra payments on the Love Away plan, and a question and a suggestion...

    OK, I did a quick search for this, and didn't see it, but I'll admit to being lazy and not checking past the first page of results...

    I'm presuming if we want to make additional payments on our Love Away planned trip, we can call the 800 reservations number, then send an e-mail, and make extra payments? Can we possibly even schedule the extra payments, or increase the monthly payments?

    Second, the question:
    The confirmation e-mail we received for our reservation on the Love Away plan, only shows 5 payments, then the balance due. Now, the impression I got from the description, was the payments would continue until either the 45 day pay it off point, or until the trip was paid for, whichever came first. Is this not the case?

    Third, the suggestion:
    While this might be a bit of work (oh heck, it'd likely be a lot of work,) maybe have a page where people can check their balance on their trips, whether they're Love Away, down payment only, or whatever. Maybe tie it in with being a Romance Rewards member? Don't store any credit card info, nor allow payments through this site, only show the initial price, and a list of any payments made.

    Jason A.
    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013

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    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Please call our reservations department to arrange extra payments and answer your questions. 800 COUPLES.

    Couples Resorts

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