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    Default Top Shelf Liquor

    I was wandering if 'top shelf liquor' is what we consider top shelf liquor in the states? Or, is it what they consider top shelf in Jamaica? I guess I'm wandering what specific liquor they carry stock in their bars. I am not much on the fancy fruity drinks. However, they do look cute! Hand me some vodka please

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    They had Absolut, Jack Daniels, southern comfort, jim Beam, Canadian Club, Dewars, Disarano,,,,,etc. The only thing local is the rum - it is all Appleton.

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    Thank you so much for your help.

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    We enjoyed our Grey Goose martinis at both CN and CSA in the Martini Bar.

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    The Martini Bar has all the top vodkas like Grey Goose and such.

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    Try Absolute and's my fav!!! Ting is a Jamaican grapefruit soda...real sugar in their sodas!! My brother was a bartender in college and he was super impressed at the selection. Oh usually Grey Goose in the piano bar.

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    Default the best you will get at an AI

    Of ALL the all inclusives I have been to, CTI comes closest to the quality of liquor in the states. The red stripe was my boyfriends favorite. Once we were at an all inclusive and walked to a nearby gas station to get him a real red stripe. At CTI, I drank the champagne like water and thought it tasted great. I am also a bacardi person and was worries

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    Add Crown to Huckens list

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    The Jamaican smiles were my favorite. The only thing that would have been better is upgraded wine to chose from. The Red Stripe was good, just would have preferred non-tap beer as a choice.

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    theres always a bottle of crown royal at every bar, and at least skyy or absolut vodka. If you get rum ask for appleton vx, its pretty good!

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    Not familiar with Appleton’s Rums, so do they have a Spiced Rum, and is so, is it at CN?


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    Thanks everyone, sounds great!

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    They did have top shelf liquors that we would consider top shelf. They did have like your Remy Martin's, Chambord, Grand Marnier. Vodka's they only offered Grey Goose as a top shelf, and only at certain bars. But there wasn't any disappointment in liquor choices...

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    My earlier post regarding the name brand liquors wasn't approved, but I will say I was disappointed that the Grand Marnier seemed to be MIA. Grey Goose at the Piano Bar (at CTI) and Appleton rum in all the rum drinks, plus Absolute or Tanqueray at the regular bars, kept us happy.

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    TiffersFrye they also had Barcardi at CSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by BVIsailor View Post
    Not familiar with Appleton’s Rums, so do they have a Spiced Rum, and is so, is it at CN?

    I'm a Captains fan and it's the only thing I miss each year we return to Couples. Appletons does not make a spiced rum and Appletons and Bacardi are the only rums I ever saw at CN, CSA & CSS. I usually go with Appletons Silver, Bacardi or Absolute & Ting. Unlike many others, I really don't like any of the Appletons. But that's just me.

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    Default top shelf stuff

    I was more than a little surprised and quite pleased that they had Glenlivet as one of their top shelf selections at CN. Dewars is a blend, while Glenlivet is a single malt scotch whiskey and, frankly, shelves above Dewars. I got my money's worth of that nectar that week!
    Westmore, VT

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    They have Stoli (my favorite vodka) at CN. It goes great with Ting!!!

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    Do they carry Appleton Rum Estate Extra dark rum? I have never had it as they don't carry it in the Liquor store here in NB Canada and look fwd to trying it!

    First time in Jamaica for us..


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