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    Default First Timers- CSA, some questions

    My soon to be wife and I are staying at CSA in July, 2011. Does anyone know anything about the Ocean Verandah Suites? How are they? How’s the view? If any? Good location? Near the bars, food? We want to be near the beach, so are there any suites near to the beach? We prefer to be on the 2nd or 3rd floor, so does anyone have any input on which floor to stay on? I don't know much about the location of these suites so anything would help. Thanks all.

    6 months and counting!!!!-Kevin

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    You might be more interested in a beachfront suite or a beachfront verandah suite. The BFVS is the same as the OVS but it is right on the beach. The OVS are very close to the beach too though.

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    We stayed in an OVS last time we were there and loved it. We are scheduling our next trip around their availability. They are not far from the beach at all. Pretty centrally located. We were on the third floor and had a little view of ocean through the trees but really liked the privacy. After being there, I really wouldn't want to be beachfront or on the ground floor because there is no privacy and people are walking by all the time. Maybe you wouldn't mind that, but I didn't have to worry about everyone seeing me snoring or drooling if I took a nap outside! ;-)

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    How "near" to the beach do you want to be? The Beachfront Verandah Suites are literally ON the beach...if you have a first floor room you can step off your verandah into the sand. There is a sidewalk separating the buildings from the main beach area but there is a small area of "beach" or sand with a couple chairs right off the steps of each room. The Oceanfront Verandah Suites are a bit further back so you are "near" but it depends on your desire or definition if those rooms meet your needs. The view from those rooms can be somewhat obstructed by foliage or by parts of the buildings in front of them but most if not all have at least a partial ocean view...thus the name (obviously I haven't been in every room so I don't want to tell you about the view and then have you be disappointed).

    As for floor, you can only reserve your room type but not location. It would just be chaos for the resort to attempt to reserve a specific room for any guest with people leaving and arriving daily and all through the day. When you check in you can make a request and if they have a room to your liking they will honor that request but there is no guarantee. To be honest I thought we would want a 2nd or 3rd floor room for the privacy but I just wasn't sure so I opted to go with whatever we got. We ended up with a ground floor room and LOVED it. Just a thought but you might just go with the flow.

    No matter what room you are in you will LOVE CSA.

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    We have stayed in the OVS 5 times and love them. If you like seeing the ocean I would suggest the third floor, Beachfront is obviously on the beach, but if saving money is important, you can get alot of bang for the buck in the OVS.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses!

    Katie and Kevin

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