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    Me and my fiance are planning on booking our wedding the end of july 2011!!!! Im so excited....but also very desperate for advice. We were leaning towards a sunset wedding. Anyone have any comments on the sunset wedding? Also we can't decide between cockatils or a full dinner??? Also I cannot find any information on the resort photographer. Is the resort photographer good? Any and all information and personal experiences would be of great help!

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    Hello and Congrats!!!!

    If you search the boards long enough, you'll find brides who have used the resort photographer and their photos look really nice in my opinion. Good luck planning

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    We got married at 4pm and found it perfect because it was still quite sunny and the beach was lovely! After our cake and toast reception was over in garden, we were able to head back to the beach and enjoy the sunset and we still had our photographer so we got some cool shots. (We used Stacey Clarke though not the resort photog) I did see another couple have the sunset wedding for 5pm and they were eating their cake in the garden and it was pitch black......wouldn't be my choice but some may enjoy that! Then we went to Feathers for dinner and the piano bar/disco for was perfect!

    Whatever you decide, you will have the best day. This resort and all it has to offer is a trip of a lifetime. And our wedding day was more special and romantic then we could have imagined. Congrats!

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