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    Default Swimming to CTI's A/N island

    I'm a pretty strong swimmer, even in the ocean. I'd love to wake up and start each day with a couple laps from beach to island and back. Is swimming out there allowed? Or do they require you take a boat? It doesn't look to be more then 200m.

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    Yes you can swim out to the island... I have done it before with my snorkel gear...

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    Every year we have been there, we have had swimmers from the mainland to the island. One year, there was a couple that swam out ever day, another a guy that would swim out, get drink and swim back. As the island isn't always open, make sure someone is aware of what you are doing and watching you. The water can get kind of rough.

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    Yes, you can swim out to the island. Especially as you say, you are a strong swimmer. just let someone know when you do it so that in case something happens, we'll know where you are. Some people also swim around the island itself. The currents are super strong, but we have friends that have done it. You just have to swim wide around the flags that are out there to avoid scrapping the reef.


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    I'm not sure if it is allowed or not. We did not see anyone do it while we were there. It's more like 400 meters and I would imagine that there is some sort of current to deal with as well. Be careful. There is no lifeguard on duty.
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    When we were at CTI I swam to the island several times. I was never told that I couldn't. Have fun!

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    Yes, you can swim out there, I would do it before 9:00am when the boats start going out.
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    If you do it early, before 9 am you'll be OK. It all depends, who's driving the boat during the day. We would swim back and forth for lunch but last oct. the person driving the boat didn't like it. Also, make sure you have swim goggles as there is coral as you get nearer the island.

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    I think I recall some time back, someone answered this same question for me. Unless it's changed, it is possible to swim to and from the island. The person who answered for me, included a photo of his wife making the swim. I just tried to find the posting, and couldn't...

    Maybe it was another posting, which I didn't post in, but read...

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    That's about what it is, and as long as the weather is good (i.e. no wind/waves) it's an easy swim. Go for it.

    If the weather is NOT great, though, I wouldn't.. as there are currents, etc that could impact you.

    Have fun!

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    I'v seen many people swim to the Island (not me) Just remember, if you decide to go & ckeck it out, you have to "get neked" while you are there.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, I was psyched for it and suddenly worried that one of my most anticipated activites would be diallowed. D'oh, that woulda sucked. I'm really excited for this vacation, only 2 weeks until we leave. Anyone who's been there in the last few weeks, what was the water like, lukewarm bathwater? And don't worry mrs2cool, I may not have the bestest beach bod, but I'm more then happy with what I got. Nekkid's no problem.

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    Default Its not that hard to swim to the island

    I have done it several times, its harder swimming from the dock to the island than back as you are going against the tide. It is about 125m (I google earthed it). I think it took me about 10 minutes. I did it A/N both ways! I have been told not to wear anything that gives off a glow or is shiny as that attracts the baraccudas (I don't think there is any risk of that). If the guy who runs the ferry boat back and forth knows you are swiming it he will watch out for you, but if he does not see you, you are on your own. I will be there in 10 days and swimming it is the first thing I plan to do.

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    ddc - Looks like we might run into each other, We arrive on the 28th I'll see ya in the water

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