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    Default Live from CSA 7/29

    Hi Everyone.

    Service: Still commendable. Staff fantastic. Can't imagine any posts about this issue. Has not been our experience. Roxanne, Romaine, Nafterlee are awesome. Romaine is the "BEST" in service of any resort we have visited in the last few years.

    Activities: Still quiet on this front. Activities are offered, but not really utilized in our opinion (including us). Beach volleyball has never occured during our visit. Pool volleyball once that I am aware of. Catamaran party cruise is definitely a "hit". for guests. A lot of water sports utilized. Bocce ball a favorite on the beach.

    Age concerns: Based on our experience please don't let this ever be an issue. There is a wide range of ages and noone would ever feel out of place or lacking with respect to this issue.

    Aura Lounge: DO NOT MISS THIS. I can't stress this enough. Any age etc....A fantastic blend of sing-along, karaoke, and competitive fun "naming that tune". Ultimate Chocolate "rocks"!

    Dining: Feathers has been the "BEST" dining experience for us at this resort. Do not miss this! Suggestion to Randymon....keep a buffet available at dinner each night. Guests always appreciate this option

    Signing off for the remainder of our vacation. It's our first visit to Couples. It will not be our last! Need we say more.

    Diana and Wesley, Pittsburgh PA

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    Romaine? You mean the bartender Romaine?

    He's a favorite of ours but we heard he left. Can someone confirm this? Maybe it's a different person. That would be awesome if he is still there.
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Yes, Romaine has left CSA. He now works at the Push Cart at the Rock House (this is the former bar at Pirate's Cave, The Rock House purchased it). We went by to see his when we were there 2 weeks ago. He is doing great and loving his new job.

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    Ya I heard he was working at Pushcart I just thought that maybe by some miracle he ended back up at CSA after reading this update.

    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Diana and Wesley - A couple of people have said that Romaine is no longer there?- Any pictures so we can see if it really is the "Romaine" we all know and love?

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    we will leave here on friday, canĀ“t wait!
    Thanks for your live report, we are really looking forward to it.


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    Sorry, I just forgot:
    Diana and Wesley, what is the weather like right now? Warm I suppose? Sunny, or mostly cloudy? Humid?

    ...only 5 more days... See you all next friday!

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    Thanks for checking in! Sounds great as usual. Love the Aura lounge too.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Default Romaine

    HI all. I did not get a pic of Romaine, but he's a sweet young guy about 22. He is planning to go to school soon so I'm not sure how much longer he will be there. We never did get a chance to finish our conversation. He was at one of the bars either day or evening so maybe he is doing both? Sorry can't really give you any info beyond this. I think he told us he's been at CSA about 2 years.

    Weather was in the 90's every day. It rains in the afternoons (but it does this every where in Jamaica typically May through September). Get on the beach early and you will have plenty of sun. All storms pass. We had a few really cool ones. We sat under a hut with a drink and watched the lightening over the ocean. It was awesome)

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