We did 4 great days at CSS. The grounds and the resort were truly beautiful.
Can't say enough about the great staff. Everyone there
was so nice and the staff was amazing.
We were in G Block and the room and the view were amazing.
Check-in was great -they had all our Repeater gifts there and we were shown to our room within minutes.
We enjoyed our time at Sunset Beach. All the pictures do not do it justice. It was really a lot larger then we had anticipated.
The pool was wonderful and the bartender there Jehneal (sorry if i spelled it wrong) was great.
The weather was perfect -no rain at all -once on Thurs. morning around 7:00am for 5 minutes.
The Repeater's dinner at CSS was great and the beach Gala on Friday was beautiful.

Took Tim-Air yesterday From Boscobel to Negril. Great flight and very scenic. It took about 40 minutes.

At CN now. A couple problems with check-in and repeaters perks. Hoping to get it straightened out later today.
The weather is great now. Sun is shining. Time to go.
More later!