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    hi everyone,
    my fiance and i are preparing to book for our wedding for next year, we have decided that couples is the place for us to have the greatest day of our life as well as our vacation.....we are as yet undecided which resort we want to come to and all your help and advice would be very much appreciated,we are coming from scotland just the 2 of us alone so as much help at the couples end is paramount.....
    what i would like to ask also is i have noticed on the resort guide that dress code for some of the restaurants states "resort casual", can anyone please tell me exactly what this code entails?
    is early december a good time to come with regards to weather?
    thank you in advance for any help and advice,
    wendy x

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    Hi Wendy...we were at Couples Swept Away from Nov 15 - 22. This resort was AMAZING!! I highly recommend it for your wedding. I have no doubt the other locations are great too, but I loved CSA so much, I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with that choice.
    I would say that the weather in early Dec will be excellent!!! It is really hot and you will live in your bathing suits/coverups! We only had rain for a couple of hours one day while there and it was not a big deal at all, we had actually gone shopping at a local market that day and when we got back we went for a snorkel while it sprinkled! You do NOT need to worry about weather.
    As for dress code....when you live in your bathing suit all day it is nice to come back to your room and get dolled up for the evening regardless of where you choose to eat! At CSA, Feathers & Lemongrass are the fine dining choices and you need reservations (which you should make quickly after arriving at the resort, you do that at the front desk/concierge). The attire for those 2 restaurants are dressy, the men must wear closed toed shoes and long pants for example and women just can't wear flip flops (strappy sandals or heels). The other restaurants are Patois & the Palms where you can be more casual. All food at this resort is delicious!!

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