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    Default CSA Activity Schedule

    We will be there in May so it might change but what days can you do the Catamaran, Snorkeling, and Shopping trips at CSA? What night is the repeaters dinner. Is the spa open 7 days a week?

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    Snorkeling is daily at 11 and 3 pm. Cat Cruise - Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Shopping Trip - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Repeaters dinner - Monday. Also, do not want to miss the beach bonfire and one man band Wednesday Night.

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    Cat' cruise is available 4 days a week, I think there is a schedule under the CSA tab above. Shopping schedule is under the tab also, I think (it is saturday morning, I am to lazy to check). Snorkeling is daily, actually a couple of times a day. Repeaters dinner is on monday evening, spa is open everyday.

    If I got this all wrong, forgive me. Others will chastise me as needed and correct my errors. I am not real big on schedules while I am at CSA.

    Have a great trip!

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    I don't remember the days for the Cat Cruise, but I think it was three days during the week. Snorkeling is available everyday as well as the spa. Repeater's dinner is on Monday night.
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    Try this link for some of the information you need.
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    I can answer some of these questions. repeaters dinner is on Mondays at CSA, Shopping is by excursion not sure about Sundays but I believe everyday. Take the Ricks Cafe one its fun.

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    Is the Friday night when they have the Dinner Buffet on the Beach? Or is that wednesday. I am lookin to book where we arrive late Friday night.

    Thanks for any insight!

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