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Thread: CTI in February

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    Default CTI in February

    We are planning to visit CTI in February. Been reading that the island is closed when the water is too rough. Anyone have experience being there in February and care to share the weather situation? Would hate to go then not be able to get on the island. We went to CSS last year and it was great, just want to experience all there is in life.


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    I can't answer your question but we'll be there 2/3-2/8 and also hope the island is open!

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    We were there last year at the end of February and the first week in March. The Island was closed 4 of the 6 days which was very dissappointing. However, the weather was very unusual, and that was the week they lost a lot of beach. 4 out of 6 days sounds bad, but actually its 4 out of 18 total days we have spent at CTI, and the weather as a rule is great, and the Island is open for business.

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    You will be OK unless a storm comes in.
    Irie Mon

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    Default does happen. We've been here at CTI for 5 days and not been able to get on the island at all. It's very disappointing and I wish there were a designated alternate au natural area when the island is closed. Maybe it's because I live on the Pacific but seas really have not been that rough, so it's especially frustrating - yesterday I SWAM nearly the whole way out to the island, so they certainly could have gotten a boat out. This is our 2nd try at getting to CTI and the island (we were booked here in 2004 but moved to stay at CN instead when a hurricane hit a week before our arrival)...I can't believe we STILL haven't made it over there! I'm not sure if I can convince my husband to come back and try again, seriously.

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    My husband loves to swim there and back. It is possible, safety is the management's concern though. RESPECT there.

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    I think I missed posted so if this ends up double posting I apologize a head of time.
    We go in Feb and have never had a problem getting to the island (now with that said it will blow like crazy this coming Feb)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinm View Post
    I think I missed posted so if this ends up double posting I apologize a head of time.
    We go in Feb and have never had a problem getting to the island (now with that said it will blow like crazy this coming Feb)
    Hope you said that in your church voice.

    we have been going in feb to CTI since 07... and i doubt if there were 5 days that we couldnt go... february has the BEST weather

    and dont say that kevin... you missed last year... i think it was 3 in a row it was closed, so were due for VERY nice weather. the natives sure were restless, but i think you have heard that story...

    -The Captain

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    No wind no wind no wind no wind

    Hows that in my official church voice?

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    very very good kevin..

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    Capt. Ron and Islandbliss....will you be there this month, too? We sure enjoyed your antics last Dec!

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    *sigh* sadly, no, we wont be there till Feb.... we just got back from a wedding in Mexico, which was a GREAT time, but like most people, we cant afford to vacation every month

    See you all there in 68 days for more antics and shenanigans tho

    -The Captain

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    48 days here and counting

    Anyone else? Divers? ...

    -The Captain

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    I'm going to go diving at least once while there this time. I didn't manage to get out and under the last time we were there.

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    Hey Kevin, are you a certified diver? Me and ron certified last december at CTI, looking forward to diving with our friends there again, great guys..

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    Yes, I've been a certified diver since 1981. Remind me in Feb and I will show you my southern California surfer dude picture on my C card.

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    Great, I will definately remind you.. Weather permitting, ron usually will dive daily. I tried to last year, but I had started with a cold of course once the weather got better...

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    Wheres my ISLANDERS?

    report in folks... lets hear you report in with your dates...

    -Captain Ron & IslandBliss

    Feb 11-19

    valentines day - 14th
    'tween day - 15th
    Anniversary - 16th
    INWSD - 17th

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    We'll be there.
    Kevinm and Karen
    02-12-11 to 02-19-11

    My count down is currently 32 days.

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    We were there the first of Feb 2010 and every day had good weather. Will be at SSB middle of Feb and Tower the first of March 2011. If the Island were to be closed I believe couples shuttle will take you down the road to San Souci and SSB.

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