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    Default Swept Away Spa Location?

    Two years ago, on our last visit, the massages were in a small hut on the grounds of the sports complex. There was construction on the space that was formerly Feathers. I presumed the spa was being moved into that space. Is this so, or, are the massages still given in the hut?

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    Where you saw the construction is a brand new gorges spa where all spa services are done. You'll love it!
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    The Spa is where Feathers was- on the left as you enter the open-air lobby. It's a regular Spa now and the treatment rooms are all new, surrounding a peaceful pool.

    Meldina is still there and still giving the BEST deep massages.

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    The massages are now given in a room in the new spa (although you can request one on the beach as well). The new spa is wonderful. There is a relaxation pool, a long Jacuzzi-type pool, that you'll be invited to use before your massages, and there are locker rooms with showers so you can shower to remove the massage oils after your massage.

    We received our massages, put on our bathing suits, showered in the outdoor shower to wash off the massage oils, then spent some time in the relaxation pool with a couple of Red Stripes from the sports bar. We were so relaxed after the massages, and the pool made us even more so. It was wonderful.
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    It is across the street in the sports complex, and let me say, it is UNBELIEVABLE. If I'd realized how great it was, I'd have booked us some more services. We went over there for our complimentary half hour massages the last day we were there. There is an awesome warm pool with beautiful lighting, beautiful locker facilities, sauna in the locker rooms, nice modern rooms for couples massages - it was just unreal over there! Make sure you take advantage!

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    the new spa area where Feathers once was is awesome. Sue really had wonderful treatments there this year. the relaxation pool is not to be missed.


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    Thanks, folks, for the updates.

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