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    Default One week and counting

    Just have to say how freakin' excited we are to know that one week from today we will be boarding the plane to leave this cold, snowy place and begin our travel down south to the beautiful island of Jamaica.
    It will be our first time to Jamaica and have high hopes. Obviously, it's also our first time at a Couples resort but after all the reading on this board, we should have an awesome time.
    Thanks to everyone for posting and responding and offering such helpful information and insight.
    See you soon at CSS!

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    Default will LOVE Jamaica!! The thing I always remember the most after leaving there is the great big smiles!...hoping the next week goes by quickly for you. We have 4 days left for CN and I have this constant feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach.....just like a kid at Christmas! Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks, hope CN bring you great pleasure!
    The snow that is currently falling is making me want to leave so much more - as if that's even possible LOL

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    we have exactly two weeks from today before we leave our snowy place for our third trip to Jamaica. You will love Jamaica and Couples...our first trip there the bus driver asked everyone who was a repeater to raise their hands...we were the only ones that were newbies!! One couple we met it was their 9th time! Another couple we met said they had traveled all over the world to very high end resorts and have never ever been treated as well as they are at Couples.

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    Well I have 64 days til CN. I have started looking at the travel sized items I may need. I'm just looking it's to soon to purchase!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!! I keep looking at the guest room trying to figure out what to do with the stuff on the bed because the siutcases will be there soon!! Have a great time!!
    One Love,

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    Default sun, rum, and new friends

    My countdown clock states 9 days 13 hours 28 min and 0 seconds. CSS I am ready for you! Only 14 degrees today. Thanks to all for writing and making this countdown so much fun. Looking forward to adventures, new friends,sun, yummy food, and Rum.

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    Hillystyles - thanks, I am trying to stay calm and not get my hopes too high in case I'm disappointed. We've stayed at some really nice places that we would love to revisit. On the other hand, I figure all you repeaters can't be wrong!

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    Hey sparkyaim,
    I hope you have a great trip! We will be making our first trip in June. If you don't mind, please give us a review on the message board when you return home. And if you don't mind sharing pics, that would be awesome too. Reading reviews and looking at pics always helps me to know what to expect once we get there. Thanks Alot!

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